Mass Tarot, April 1st, 2023:  April’s Fools! 

How could I not, right?  This month we will bring out our tarot Fool cards and talk about their meaning and use. We will share from different decks and compare our fools to other select cards in the tarot. We will look at how energy surrounds the fool card in our decks. Second half of this session will give us an opportunity to plant our “Tarot Gardens” which is a spread centered around the setting of intentions that works well this time of year. Please bring at least one or two decks with Fool cards that appeal to you. If you have ever designed your own Fool card, that would be especially interesting! Please strive to be on time or a few minutes early because there is a lot to squeeze in to the session and we will be moving fast. Hope to see you there! We will meet at Lilly Library in Florence, Mass from 1PM to 3PM on Saturday April 1st, 2023. 

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