RESCHEDULED TO MARCH 11, 2023: The Fortune Oracle Workshop

Please join us on Saturday, March 11th, 2023 from 1PM to 3PM for our monthly meet-up at the Lilly Library in Florence. This month Jendi Reiter will be facilitating an oracle card creation workshop.

A workshop by Jendi Reiter

In the first part of this workshop, we will create oracle cards from collage materials, incorporating fortune cookie papers in whatever way we feel inspired. For instance, these messages can be included on the card as straight-up advice; used as writing prompts to generate our own messages; or combined to make new fortunes through cut-out and erasure.

In the second part, we will pair off to read for one another. The querent will pull 1-3 Tarot cards for the question they formulated at the beginning of the workshop. Their partner will use their own oracle card creation (not the querent’s) to add insight to the spread. Then switch.

Participants should bring a Tarot deck, and may also bring any collage-making supplies of their choosing (especially scissors!). Workshop leader will provide colored cardstock, fortune cookie papers, scissors, glue sticks, patterned paper, magazine images, stickers, colored pens.

If you would, please rsvp to Jill by texting “going” and your name to 413-537-1432 as soon as you know for sure, that would really help us know how much materials to bring. Please strive to be on time and don’t forget to bring a deck!

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