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An addition to the MTS website you may find useful

Carolyn has been diligently categorizing each of our posts over the past year. As I’ve posted, I’ve done the same thing, even adding a couple of categories.

This morning, I made those visible on the lower left of the site. This means that with a single click, you can view all the posts related to the Study Groups work. With another click, you can see the posts that were categorized as Ideas for Events. And so on. The labeling was already done; all I did was turn on the tool that let’s us filter using that. As the post count goes up, this will become more and more useful.

Alternative activity to canceled June 5 Sat meeting

Please help spread the word. For those who can make it, Shivani and I are going to be at Continue reading

June 5 – Meeting cancelled

This meeting was canceled. Details about upcoming events coming soon. Continue reading

May 1 – No meeting! (and a note from Carolyn)

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