Upcoming Meetings:

Upcoming Mass Tarot Meetings:

Saturday,  6/3/23 The Forest of Souls with Carolyn at Lilly Library

Saturday, 7/1/23 July Tarot Meeting at Lilly Library

All meetings are normally scheduled from 1PM to 3PM  on the first Saturday of each month. Location: Lilly Library, 19 Meadow Street, Florence, Mass. (unless otherwise specified) 


Mass Tarot Meeting, June 3, 2023: A Walk Through the Forest of Souls

Please join us at the Lilly Library in Florence, Mass from 1PM to 3PM on June 3rd, 2023 as

Carolyn Cushing leads an exploration of and activity from Rachel Pollack’s A

Walk Through the Forest of Souls. Please bring your working deck and notebook.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Mass Tarot May 6, 2023: Exploring the Artwork and Processes Behind “Magical Nature Tarot” and “Woodblock Dreams.”

Mass Tarot Society meeting, May 6, 1PM-3PM at 320 Riverside Drive in Florence, Mass

Exploring the artwork and processes behind “Magical Nature Tarot” and “Woodblock Dreams.”

On May 6, we will take a very short field trip down the road to Zea Mays Printmaking in Florence to visit the exhibit, “Harvesting Dreams, Two Visions of Tarot.” The exhibit features the artwork of Marjorie Morgan and Annie Bissett, and opens up their creative processes behind  their tarot decks, “Magical Nature Tarot” and Woodblock Dreams.” There will be time to look at and explore the exhibit, and then hear from the artists themselves as they each give a short talk about their respective decks and the artistic and spiritual work behind them. At the end of our time together, Rebecca Guanzon (author of the Magical Nature Tarot online guide, tarot reader, energy worker and herbalist) will do a special community tarot reading using both decks! If we have time, Marjorie will share a special spread designed for the Magical Nature Tarot deck (and that can translate to some other decks as well)… so bring your MNT deck if you have one, or bring a deck that is colorful and aligns with the Rider-Waite (and Smith) deck.

We will meet at Zea Mays Printmaking, 320 Riverside Drive, Florence, MA.

You can park right in front of the Zea Mays Printmaking entrance (clearly marked) and walk in the light green door. The gallery is the first room you will walk into. Looking forward to seeing you there! **Please note, MASKS ARE REQUIRED for this meeting. Windows will be open and fans in operation**

Mass Tarot, April 1st, 2023:  April’s Fools! 

How could I not, right?  This month we will bring out our tarot Fool cards and talk about their meaning and use. We will share from different decks and compare our fools to other select cards in the tarot. We will look at how energy surrounds the fool card in our decks. Second half of this session will give us an opportunity to plant our “Tarot Gardens” which is a spread centered around the setting of intentions that works well this time of year. Please bring at least one or two decks with Fool cards that appeal to you. If you have ever designed your own Fool card, that would be especially interesting! Please strive to be on time or a few minutes early because there is a lot to squeeze in to the session and we will be moving fast. Hope to see you there! We will meet at Lilly Library in Florence, Mass from 1PM to 3PM on Saturday April 1st, 2023. 

RESCHEDULED TO MARCH 11, 2023: The Fortune Oracle Workshop

Please join us on Saturday, March 11th, 2023 from 1PM to 3PM for our monthly meet-up at the Lilly Library in Florence. This month Jendi Reiter will be facilitating an oracle card creation workshop.

A workshop by Jendi Reiter

In the first part of this workshop, we will create oracle cards from collage materials, incorporating fortune cookie papers in whatever way we feel inspired. For instance, these messages can be included on the card as straight-up advice; used as writing prompts to generate our own messages; or combined to make new fortunes through cut-out and erasure.

In the second part, we will pair off to read for one another. The querent will pull 1-3 Tarot cards for the question they formulated at the beginning of the workshop. Their partner will use their own oracle card creation (not the querent’s) to add insight to the spread. Then switch.

Participants should bring a Tarot deck, and may also bring any collage-making supplies of their choosing (especially scissors!). Workshop leader will provide colored cardstock, fortune cookie papers, scissors, glue sticks, patterned paper, magazine images, stickers, colored pens.

If you would, please rsvp to Jill by texting “going” and your name to 413-537-1432 as soon as you know for sure, that would really help us know how much materials to bring. Please strive to be on time and don’t forget to bring a deck!

Mass Tarot Meeting, February 4, 2023: The Power of the Collective Perspective

Please join us this Saturday, February4th, 2023 at the Lilly Library in Florence, Mass from 1PM to 3PM  for an exploration of the “Power of the Collective Perspective ” led by Kathy Wicks.  

Kathy says “I have always appreciated how insights can expand when diverse perspectives are offered and something new, sometimes unexpected, emerges.  For this session we will discuss and practice building a reading that includes the collective perspective.  Bring one or more of your favorite tarot decks and come ready to get deeper insights from the cards while working together with your fellow tarot friends.”

Please aspire to be on time, or better yet, a few minutes early. See you there!

January 7, 2023: Mass Tarot Meeting, The Wheel of the Year

Please join us on Saturday, January 7th, 2023 for our annual Wheel of the Year Spread casting with Carolyn Cushing. From Carolyn: Happy New Year’s, me fellow Tarot lovers. Am looking forward to next Saturday, the 7th, annual session using the Wheel of the Year to look back and look forward. I have a Season of Love spread for looking back at the 6, Lovers, year that was 2022, and a Chariot inspired spread for setting off into your 7 year. All that will prepare us for the Wheel spread while we are together and set you up for planning for 2023.

*** THIS EVENT HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED FOR 12\10\2022. A Tarot Carol; Visiting Our Pasts, Present and Futures

Please join us on Saturday December 10th, 2022 from 1PM to 3PM at the Lilly Library in Florence for “A Tarot Carol: Visiting Our Pasts, Present and Futures” presented by Jill.  This month we will be using the classic Charles Dicken’s tale, A Christmas Carol, as a skeleton framework for Past, Present and Future readings.  We will be reading for ourselves as well as reading for each other.  You do not need to observe Christmas or be familiar with the story in any capacity to participate in this session. You will need at least a basic understanding of the tarot, though. It may not be the best session for absolute beginners. Please bring any tarot deck that you are comfortable reading and feel free to combine it with a second tarot deck or an oracle/lenormand deck if you are so inclined. 

Reminder:   Please try to arrive on time, or ideally 5-10 minutes prior to 1PM.   Donations of $5 are suggested and can be made through Paypal, pay@masstarot.org or in person at the meeting.  

Mass Tarot November 5, 2022: Adventures in Dreamland: Using Tarot for Dream Incubation

Please join us on Saturday November 5th, 2022 at the Lilly Library in Florence, Mass for Adventures in Dreamland: Using Tarot for Dream Incubation with Sandra Haynes.

We live a portion of each 24 hour period in two different universes, Dreamland and Awakeland. We know what we see during the day can affect what we dream, and what we dream can affect our experiences while awake; a scary movie before bed gives us scary dreams, and scary dreams before waking up gives us an unsettled feeling for the rest of our day. We also know we learn from our experiences, but our cultural bias against subjective data means many of us disregard a significant portion of our lived experience, our adventures in Dreamland.

These two realms, Dreamland and Awakeland have different universal parameters and constants. Awakeland has lots of defined rules, Dreamland almost none. So how can we communicate between them? Tarot is a great interdimensional communication tool because it has the symbolic structures found in Awakeland and the intuitive creativity of Dreamland. Also, the more you practice, the better you get at it. Sandra Haynes will present how she uses tarot to incubate dreams, and some examples of the results she has gotten.

Bring your most surreal or dreamy tarot and oracle decks, and a notebook.

October 1st, 2022: Reading Tarot for Others; A Cold-Card Method for Parties, Fairs and Quick Readings

Please join us for our monthly meet-up at the Lilly Library in Florence on Saturday, October 1st from 1PM to 3PM for our monthly meet-up.  This month we will be doing a little practice reading for each other, in preparation for Halloween Party Season, a tarot reader’s bread & butter!  We will start off the session discussing what makes a deck ideal (and not ideal) when reading for others, so please bring a deck or two that you feel are appropriate (bonus points for appropriate AND seasonal!). We will then play around with one of my methods of drawing and reading cards, great for quick reads at parties or to start off longer readings. We will practice first on ourselves, then for each other. Finally, we will share our reactions to the process as a group.  Hope to see you there!!


Mass Tarot, September 3rd, 2022: Tarot Show & Tell

Please join us on September 3rd, from 1PM to 3PM at the Lilly Library in Florence for our monthly meeting, hosted by Lisa Dee White.

What’s your favorite deck, or three?

For this month’s Mass Tarot gathering, I thought we could share our favorite decks with each

other–a show and tell. For the tell part, do you have a favorite card in the deck? Was there

something in particular that drew you to it? Was it must-have at first sight, did it grow on you?

Also, as we begin winding down the summer, gathering the tomatoes, buying pencils and

notebooks, collecting acorns (and soon horse chestnuts), I thought it might be a good time to

look at the decks we have and see if we may be ready to re-home decks (or tarot books) we don’t use anymore.

We’ll have a little discussion around the Nines, since it’s the ninth month, if there is interest and


Looking forward to seeing you in September,

Lisa Dee White