June 1st, 2019 Reader’s Studio Re-Cap with Carolyn Cushing

Please join us at the Lily Library in Florence, Mass on June 1st, 2019 for our June Mass Tarot Meeting hosted by Carolyn Cushing.  Carolyn will share readings, tips, and news from her trip to  the 17th annual Readers Studio that gathers Tarot lovers from around the world to work with 3 master teachers and learn from each other over 3
activity packed days. We meet from 1PM to 3PM. Please bring a deck you can read with comfortably.



Mass Tarot Meeting, May 4, 2019: Pop Culture Tarot with Jaymi Elford

Please join us on May 4th, 2019 from 1PM to 3PM at the Lilly Library in Florence, Mass for our monthly Mass Tarot meeting with guest speaker Jaymi Elford, for a presentation of Pop Culture and Tarot.

Combining pop culture with tarot helps tarot make sense, transforming classic archetypes into modern ones. Use your favorite fandoms to recall tarot archetypes and personalities—access meanings quick and easy. Join Jaymi in a discussion about your fandom and how it can influence your journey with the cards. Bring your favorite pop culture deck, if you have one, for show and tell. Learn new, and create fun, fandom spreads.

Jaymi Elford lives a tarot inspired life. She uses the cards as a tool to explore the world we live in and create meaning. Author of Tarot Inspired Life and the Triple Goddess tarot. She continues to write and create innovative divination techniques. Visit her at: http://www.innercompasstarot.com.

UPDATE:  Jaymi was kind enough to compile our spreads from this session and it is linked here:  2019-MT-Pop spreads



April 6, 2019: Decoding Your Natal Chart with Tarot

Please join us on April 6th, 2019,  from 1PM to 3PM at the Lily Library in Florence, Mass for a presentation by Lindsey Rosmarin.

Want to understand what the stars have to say about you without spending years studying astrology? Tarot comes to the rescue! Explore your natal chart in the form of a tarot reading where the planets provide the questions and their placement at your birth gives you the cards to read. This process makes a great introduction to astrology for tarot reader and adds an additional layer of depth for long-term students of the stars. Ways to apply this information in your regular readings will also be discussed.

Please bring your natal chart and your favorite tarot deck. Ideally, your deck should associate Wands with Fire and Swords with Air. Having your exact time of birth will allow you to explore more aspects of your chart. While natal charts can be calculated online for free, Lindsey can provide you with a personalized document listing 27 astrological points of interest and their corresponding cards for the reduced rate of $20 (regularly $45 – birth time needed to provide all data). Contact her at lindseyrosmarin@gmail.com by Wednesday, April 3, if interested.

Lindsey Rosmarin is dedicated to crafting spiritual encounters that help you trust your journey. After training in multiple systems of divination, meditation and alternative healing, she has embraced the philosophy that meaningful collaboration with clients leads to the most powerful results. If you are ready to deeply engage in your own growth process, contact Lindsey using http://www.LindseyRosmarin.com to discuss how she can assist you in shifting into greater authenticity, love, health and joy.

aries dice in gray scale photography

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March 2, 2019: Fundamental Human Needs and the Tarot

Please join us on March 2nd, 2019 at Lilly Library in Florence, Mass from 1PM to 3PM, for a presentation and discussion led by Sandra Haynes.

Human needs don’t change–how we satisfy them does. This is why as tarot practitioners the same sorts of questions are asked by everyone many times over their lives; questions about love, money, career, travel, identity, understanding.

In this session Sandra Haynes will discuss how the theory of Fundamental Human Needs  developed by Manfred Max-Neef can be overlapped onto the structure of the tarot. We will discuss Max-Neef’s classification of nine fundamental needs, and the five need satisfiers. We will do a few open-ended tarot spreads to explore how the tarot can be used to identify the questioner’s wealths and poverties and how the questioner’s needs may or may not be satisfied.

Bring your favorite tarot deck and notebook.



February 2019 Mass Tarot: Tarot Correspondences with Susie Chang

Please join us on 2/2/19 at the Lilly Library in Florence from 1PM to 3PM for our February Mass Tarot meeting.

“Susie Chang (author of Tarot Correspondences: Ancient Secrets for Everyday Readers, co-host of the Fortune’s Wheelhouse esoteric podcast) will be leading a discussion about correspondences and the tarot: the four elements, astrology, numbers, and Kabbalah. How can we use what can seem like super-technical tools in an intuitive practice? How can we use this network of symbolic relationships to deepen our readings for ourselves and others?

In addition to looking at the what, how, and why of correspondences, we’ll introduce some hands-on techniques you can integrate into your home or client practice: Tarot Arithmetic, Majors through Minors, Tree of Life spells, and Card of the Day spells. Rider Waite Smith and Thoth-based decks will work best, but really any deck with scenic minors will do. If you have a Tabula Mundi deck, bring that too!

Susie will have copies of Tarot Correspondences (published in October and now in its second printing!) on hand for signing and purchase.”


Mass Tarot, January 5, 2019: Wheel of the Year Spread


Greetings, Fellow Tarot Lovers!

I hope you enjoy your new year’s festivities and that you will join us on Saturday, the 5th, at our usual place (the Lily Library in Florence) at our usual time (1pm to 3pm) for our annual Wheel of the Year session.

In this year’s Wheel of the Year session, we will:
– reflect and harvest insights from 2018 (the year of Justice: 2+0+1+8=11);
– find a focus for 2019;
– get a glimpse of seasonal lessons coming our way;
– set out solar possibilities month by month; and
– (new this year) layer lunar influence cards on to our Wheels.

If you did a Wheel last year, feel free to bring it – but no worries if you didn’t do one. You might also think about bringing at least two Tarot/oracle decks: one for the solar work and one for the lunar – but that is optional. If you have already done a 2019 Wheel spread for yourself, you can lay it out again and just add the lunar layer at the MTS session.

About finding your focus for the year: Some people like to do a bit of prep ahead of the session to finding the idea / project / service / growth area / word / dream that they want to work on all year. If you are looking for inspiration for this and/or a little ritual for New Year’s day, you can check out my Solstice Seed of the New blog post: https://soulpathsanctuary.com/2018/12/19/your-solstice-seed/ But once again this is optional; some people pull a card by chance at the session to place at the center of their Wheel.

You will leave with a handout of inspirations for continued solar and lunar work with your Wheel throughout the year.

RSVPs are extra helpful for this January session. First, because of the handout production. Second, in case there is weather! If you have RSVPed, we can be sure to contact you if need to cancel. Obviously if the Lily is closed we can’t meet and so you can look on their website if it stormy. Right now things are looking fine, but it is New England so you never know.

Looking forward to seeing you Saturday!

December 1, 2018 Mass Tarot: Tarot Significator Cards in Theory and Practice

Please join us on December 1st from 1PM to 3PM at the Lilly Library in Florence, Mass, for our December Mass Tarot Meeting.  We will be discussing the past & present usage of tarot significator cards and exploring their use in reading practice. This gathering will be facilitated by me (Jill Scott). Please bring along your thoughts, ideas, experiences and findings.  A journal is encouraged, books are permissible and this session is appropriate for strong beginners to advanced readers. The best deck for this session would be a deck with powerful personalities such as the Hidden Realms deck pictured here.

Tarot of the Hidden Realm, King of Pentacles, Temperance, Six of Swords, Julia Jeffrey

November 2018 Mass Tarot Meeting: Tarot Show and Tell

Please join us on November 3, 2018 at the Lilly Library in Florence, Mass for a presentation by Corinne Sharkey:  Tarot Show & Tell

Many Tarot readers have other interests that aren’t directly related to Tarot, but contribute to their interpretation of the cards. (For example, we have members who are knowledgeable in numerology, or meditation, or minerals, or dream work, among many other subjects.) You’re welcome to bring something (an item) to this meeting to help describe your tarot complimentary interest in five minutes or less. Share how this interest enriches your view of the world and its possibilities, and how it enhances your insights during a Tarot reading. During the meeting, we’ll do a few Tarot spreads, and discuss how our show-and-tell interests and items play a role in those readings.

Whether you’re new to Tarot, or have enjoyed card-reading for many years, here’s an opportunity to see Tarot (and fellow-readers) in a new way. If you’re not sure what to bring, trust your intuition, bring something you like, and see what happens!01 Age of Aquarius - Dawn - new age

October 6, 2018: Keeping a Tarot Diary

Please join us on October 6, 2018 at the Lilly Library in Florence from 1PM to 3PM for our monthly Mass Tarot Meeting.  This month we will be exploring the practice of keeping a tarot diary.

Tarot and diaries go together like pen and paper. Sandra Haynes has been using the Tarot with her diary for 30 years (and can show you the diary entry where she wrote about being given her first deck.) Bring your favorite pens, notebook, and a couple of different decks if you have them. Ideally everyone in the room should have a different deck for this session, so that odd deck you bought on vacation but haven’t explored yet, bring it.

We’ll experiment with some tarot inspired poetry and then discuss 11 diary writing techniques from Tristine Rainer’s book The New Dairy, and how the Tarot can work with all of them.

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Mass Tarot Meeting, September 8, 2018: Finding Balance in the Tarot

Please join us on the second Saturday in September at the Lily Library in Florence for a discussion about balance within the tarot.  We will look at shadows and light, positive and negative, reversals and the importance of context. Expect to do some partner readings so please contemplate a topic you would like to explore and bring a deck that you are comfortable reading.