Mass Tarot Meeting, 12/5/2020: Combining Oracle Cards with Tarot

Please join us on Saturday December 5, 2020, via ZOOM for our monthly virtual meet-up. The meeting will begin at 1PM and finish at 3PM.

This month we will be exploring ways to combine oracle cards with the tarot. Oracles cards can direct, invite, or simply add depth to our tarot readings. We will be reading for ourselves and taking turns reading for each other. Please have both a tarot deck and an oracle deck available.

If you need to purchase an oracle deck, a good place to start is here:

You can also find many independently published decks on Etsy, and some good deals on used decks in the FB group Tarot Marketplace. Alternatively, a homemade oracle deck would be a fun art project for those who are creatively inclined.

The ZOOM invitation (link), once it is available will be posted in our Facebook group and sent out with our monthly email reminder. You can also obtain the link by emailing or Jill at

Mass Tarot, November 7, 2020: The Alchemist’s Karmic Visioning Spread

Please join us on Saturday November 7th 2020 from 1PM to 3PM via ZOOM For our monthly Mass Tarot Meet-up. This month Nina Vecchi will be sharing her Alchemist’s Karmic Visioning Spread. Two decks will be needed for this session. It is suggested that one of the decks represent a close likeness to the Rider Waite major arcana. We will focus the archetypal energies of the Rider Waite major arcana to form a container for visualizing a path we desire to manifest. The second deck should be one you connect with and represent your dreams, desires and goals. Here is a link to the handout for the presentation:

The ZOOM link will be posted in our facebook group and in the email reminder message. Alternatively, you can contact Jill or Carolyn to request the link via email or facebook messenger.

Mass Tarot October 3rd, 2020: Tarot in the Time of the Tower

Please join us for a virtual Mass Tarot Meeting on October 3rd 2020 from 1PM to 3PM via Zoom.

What is a Tower time? Is our (your) current situation a pile of stones and bruised egos or is it yet to fall? Is there a way to find the road around the Tower altogether?

Towers, in both myth and reality, can represent things such as a defiance of nature, a quest for power, and a need for protection, among other things. The Tower card, included in the major arcana of the tarot, can represent similar concepts; and additional concepts that are found at a much higher level of conscious understanding.  This energy is what we will be exploring this month. We will discuss our thoughts on the meanings and use of this card, and work with Tower energy in readings for ourselves with an expanded world view. Whether you like or hate this card, you will find a usefulness in it’s existence and a cure for the knee jerk reaction it can spark in your spreads.

The Zoom link for this meeting will be sent out in our reminder email a few days before the meeting and also posted in the Mass Tarot Facebook group. Alternatively, you can request the link by emailing Jill at or Carolyn at  Please do not share the link publicly.

Mass Tarot September 5, 2020: The Four Modes of Tarot

Please join us for a Zoom meet up this Saturday September 5, 2020

Carolyn Cushing of Soul Path Sanctuary will lead us through an 
exploration of four modes of the Tarot:

– Aces for looking at the elemental Where
– Numbered cards to show us What
– Court Cards for seeing Who
– Major Arcana cards for answering the question Why

We’ll start with a diagnostic reading to understand ourselves in the 
moment, and then move on to using the cards to help us move toward our 
desired future.

To get the Zoomink please see the private post in our Mass Tarot Facebook Group or email Carolyn or Jill.,

Mass Tarot Meeting, August 1, 2020: Behind the Scenes of Tarot Readings

Please join us for a tarot meeting via ZOOM on August 1st, 2020 from 1pm to 3PM.

Behind the Scenes of Tarot Readings

What happens behind the scenes of a tarot reading? We will go backstage to observe three volunteers do short readings while filling us in on what is happening for the reader. Then we’ll pair up and share our own reading experiences.

Here are some questions we may explore:  How do you start a reading? What decisions do you make and how do you apply intuition? Do you use body cues? How do you play with card images? Do you get stuck? What is your role and relationship with the other person? How do you engage the other person? Do you bring in other systems? How do you balance truth and kindness? What gives you freedom to experiment and play? What enhances your ability to learn?

Please have a deck and writing materials handy. It would be great to have a query ready as well.

We hope everyone is healthy and staying safe and we look forward to exploring with you!

Catherine will facilitate this month’s meeting and Carolyn will once again be our ZOOM hostess. The meeting link will be available from Carolyn at, or Jill at You may also request it from either of us via Facebook messenger. Carolyn will also email the link to those of you on our email notification list prior to the day of the meeting.


Mass Tarot July 11, 2020: Tarot for Strength & Serenity

Please join us on Saturday July 11th, 2020 (the second Saturday of July) for a Mass Tarot Meeting via Zoom, from 1PM to 3PM.  If you are interested in joining the meeting, please email Jill, or Carolyn for the Zoom link. You can also request the link from either of us via FB messenger.

This month we will be asking Tarot to give us insight into our own power and how we can use or relinquish that power to find peace. We will work through a simple spread as a full group and everyone will have a chance to “think out loud”  as part of the process.

Logistical notes:

Please have a deck handy that reads you well, and be prepared to share your Strength card, as that will be our introductory focus. Make sure you have materials to take notes as the spread will be dictated rather than a physical hand-out.  Lastly, you will want to clear a space to layout about six cards.

We hope everyone is healthy and staying safe and we looking forward to seeing you!!

*Decks pictured above: Tarot of the Hidden Realms, Rider Waite Smith, 78 Tarot Carnival, Coraline Tarot, Light Seer’s Tarot. 

Mass Tarot Meeting June 6th, 2020: The Fool, The Hermit, and the 4 Knights Walk into a Bar…


Please join us this Saturday at 1PM for a virtual Mass Tarot Meeting via ZOOM, hosted by Carolyn and facilitated by Sheilaa Hite.

The meeting will go until 3PM.  Please email Jill or Carolyn for the Zoom invitation link. You can request the link via Facebook messenger as well.



The Fool, The Hermit, and the 4 Knights Walk into a Bar…
Among other things, we will be exploring these cards relationships with each other,
how their individual and combined energies influence the outcome of a
reading, and how to interpret their presence in a spread.
We will practice a spread that will help us to identify and work with our own personal versions of those energies.
In break-out rooms, each person will interpret their own spread,
explain it to the others in the “room” with them who will then offer
further insights to their interpretation.
Hope everyone is safe and healthy and we look forward to meeting with you!!

Mass Tarot Meeting, May 2, 2020: What Makes a “Good” Tarot Deck?

Please join us on Saturday May 2nd, from 1PM to 3PM for a virtual Mass Tarot Meeting via ZOOM.

Sandra Haynes will lead an open discussion about what qualities make a “good” tarot deck using the four tarot elements/suits as a framework. We will collect our criteria & opinions for use in a future meeting about what makes a good tarot deck review.

We will also discuss what people are buying, selling and trading in the open market and In other words, which decks are treasured and which are frequently passed around. Jill will talk about how to buy a used deck online, what to be wary of and how to sell one yourself.

We will be creating lots of space for opinion & self expression as well as sharing valuable information and we would love to have you join us!!   If you are interested in participating you need to email Jill or Carolyn to get the link to the Zoom meeting.  Alternatively,  you could message us through Facebook or comment on the event (once it is posted) in our Mass Tarot Facebook group and I will message you the link. We are concerned about privacy so we can’t share the link publicly and we ask that you do not share it either.  Mass Tarot in person and online shall  remain a safe and sacred space if we all commit to preserving it.



Tarot Decks

Mass Tarot Meeting, April 4, 2020 via Zoom (online only): Tarot, Help! Tarot in Times of Crisis

Our meeting this month will take place online, rather than in-person.  Please see the details that Carolyn has graciously laid out below.
Join us for Mass Tarot via Zoom at our usual time 1pm on the first
Saturday of the moonth, April 4th. You can join with video or just
audio, via computer or telephone. All details on how to connect are
Our topic is: Tarot, help! Bring the deck that you find most helpful
for use in times of crisis.
We will begin with a go-around sharing cards pulled in response to the
plea, Tarot, help!, to gather individual and collective insight into
what help is being offered to us through the Tarot for these times.
Then those who are willing/have something to offer will share for up
to/around 10 minutes about a practice, ritual, or recent reading
they’ve done that could be helpful for moving in the most beneficial
way possible through the challenges we face.
For example, I will share walking the soul path of the Hermit reading
I did with suggestions for practices to work with our emotions. Who
else has something to share?
At the end, we’ll experiment with being in smaller break out groups to
just chat a bit after the end of the formal session like we usually
do. FYI, I have been using Zoom for awhile, but this will be the first
time I organize break out groups. We’ll see how it goes. I’m taking
the Fool as my guide.
I’m setting up the Zoom meeting so you can arrive 15 minutes or so
early if you haven’t used Zoom before. It’s pretty simple. I’ll do
what I can to help people get connected until 1pm when we start. And
my cell is 413-529-9759 if we need to tech trouble shoot that way.
Here is the invite:
Carolyn Cushing is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Mass Tarot April Session
Time: Apr 4, 2020 12:45 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Please see the Mass Tarot Facebook page for the link to join or email Carolyn at

March Mass Tarot Meeting: Making Oracle Cards to Overcome Creative Blocks

Please join us on Saturday, March 7th from 1PM to 3PM at the Lilly Library in Florence, Mass, for a session led by Jendi Reiter.

In this multimedia exercise for overcoming emotional blocks to creativity, we will make oracle cards from collage materials to encourage risk-taking in our writing. By embracing the serendipity of found materials, and exchanging our anonymous creations with other workshop members, we can playfully explore our feelings around giving and receiving inspiration.

*Optional:  Bring along any crafting materials that you may want to use or share, and a pair of scissors.