Mass Tarot Meeting, March 2017: Justice at the Heart of the Tarot with Carolyn Cushing

Justice at the Heart of the Tarot with Carolyn Cushing – Saturday, March 4th

As always we will be meeting at the Lily Library in Florence, MA from 1:PM to 3:PM

In our time together we’ll explore how the Tarot is a structure that
provides moral guidance for living with Justice at its heart. After
looking at the Faces and Spaces of Justice as seen in different decks,
we’ll work with a map [i.e. template(s) for spreads] that weaves
together social change making models and the Tarot’s elemental
structure. Our Tarot play will help us identify what is important to
pay attention to as we make individual and collective choices on how
best to serve Justice in these times. Any deck can be used during the
session, but if you have more than one to choose from, bring the deck
with the image of Justice that most inspires you and/or has Knight
cards that you particularly like.



February, 2017 Mass Tarot Meeting: Tarot for the Heart with Jill Scott

Please join us on February 4, 2017 for our February Mass Tarot Meeting: Tarot for the Heart, facilitated by Jill Scott.  This meeting will be held at our regular meeting place, Lilly Library, Florence, Mass.

Tarot for the Heart will be an exploration of a method that can be used to explore the relationships and connections in our lives that concern us and stir our emotional center.  We will look at a basic heart spread and expand and customize it as we go. This session will move beyond romantic relationships and attempt to equip you with the tools to explore all types of relationships both for yourself, and when reading for others. We will focus on both evaluating relationships, and the possibility of facilitating change in those relationships.

Tarot for the Heart will be open to readers at any level.  Attendees are invited to bring notes, journals or books to use as guides, as needed. You should bring a tarot deck that you are familiar and comfortable reading with. If you are new to the practice, there are usually many experienced attendees that are happy to assist and advise.



In the end only three things matter:  how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.


Mass Tarot Meeting January 2017: Wheel of the Year with Carolyn Cushing

Start the year with Tarot! Our next Mass Tarot session will be Saturday, January 7 from 1pm to 3pm at the Lily Library in Florence.

Come to our annual Wheel of the Year session where we’ll reflect back on 2016, identify a focus for 2017, and use a special spread to glimpse the lessons of upcoming seasons of 2017 as well as best ways to meet these lessons.

If you did a Wheel last year, feel free to bring it, but no worries if you did not. Bring a Tarot deck – or more than one – or any oracle deck really.

You’ll leave with a handout that includes ideas for working with the spread throughout the whole of 2017 as a guide for goal setting, reflection, and perceiving the wider patterns in your life.  RSVPs are helpful to know how many copies to make.

You don’t have to do any homework to prepare for the session, but if you are looking for some New Year’s ritual, you can adapt the Selecting of a Solstice Seed (that Carolyn does in her Soul Path Sanctuary) to finding a New Year’s Seed and arrive with that to be at the center of the spread that we do on the 7th  To find your seed, you may want to set aside a little time for ritual, including:

– Identifying what you need to release and let go of before setting off into the next cycle of light and the new year. You might sit in the dark and imagine what you want released being taken into the dark to be composted, to be transformed.
– Light candles and celebrate your new lightness.
– Pull a Tarot or oracle card or two to represent your Solstice Seed of the New. Before jumping to meaning making, just let the images settle into your heart.

December Mass Tarot Meeting: A Look at the Minoan Tarot

Please join us for our December meet-up on 12/3/16 at the Lilly Library in Florence, Mass from 1PM to 3pM.

The Minoan Tarot is inspired by the female-oriented, peaceful civilisation of Ancient Crete, who celebrated the Goddess, the beauty and sacredness of nature, creativity and sexuality. The 78 cards are rooted in the art, archeology and artifacts of the culture, with each card based on an original Minoan artwork. It’s a well-researched and beautiful set.

Marcianna Caplis will be our guide on this tour of the Minoan Tarot. Please bring a deck that you enjoy and a journal. We hope to see you there. A link to purchase this deck, if desired, will appear in the comments. It is not necessary to have the deck to participate in this session.image

November Mass Tarot Meeting: Tarot Timing Method by Wayne Limberger


Our November Mass Tarot meeting will be held on November 5th, 2016 at the Lilly Library in Florence, Mass, from 1PM to 3PM.  Hope to see you there!!!

Tarot Timing Method presented by Wayne Limberger

The common method for judging the timing of events using tarot cards – usually a variation of “Wands/Fire = hours or days; Swords/Air = weeks; Cups/Water = months and Pentacles/Earth = years” – leaves a lot to be desired. Quite often, the context of the question makes a prediction of “hours,” “days” or “years” using this approach completely unreasonable. Barley’s Timing Method dispenses with the notion of suit correspondences and uses the 12-phase division of many standard systems of time measurement. It employs all 78 cards and a significator to locate the event in time. The anticipated time frame – hours, days, weeks, months, quarters or years – is chosen in advance based on present knowledge of the situation, and adjusted if necessary.

Attendees should bring their favorite standard or pocket-size tarot deck (this is a large layout), and a question they want to put to the timing spread. A significator card should be “charged” with the question or, if desired, the outcome card from a previous reading for which timing was uncertain can be used. This will be a hands-on session that will cover the working of the timing method in practical terms.


October 1st, 2016, Tarot By Number (& Suit) by Jill Scott

Meeting will be held Saturday, October 1st, 2016 at the Lilly Library in Florence, MA from 1PM to 3PM

This month I will be presenting my newly self-published book, Tarot by Number (and Suit). This session will include a brief introduction to the tarot-numerology system outlined in the book as well as several reading activities and discussions. This is an ideal presentation for novices and advanced readers alike. You do not need to own a copy of the book to follow along in the meeting, handouts with essential material will be presented.   I may have a few copies available at the meeting, but your best bet is to purchase the book in advance:  BUY THE BOOK HERE

Please bring a deck that follows a Rider-Waite-Smith structure.

“Numerology is the branch of knowledge that deals with the occult significance of numbers. Numbers are symbols that represent ideas in our minds. When applied to the tarot system, they become more significant and the idea of them expands. Also they become common to all who use the system. When symbols become commonly accepted they develop into a language. A language cannot exist in the mind of one person alone; it must be commonly accepted to function, and be of critical use. That is the purpose for this book and all it shares. Once we have a common tarot communication system, reading tarot will not become so diluted as to be difficult or incomprehensible to the reader.  You will not find yourself resorting to intuition alone. And you will easily be able to transfer between decks and read with them, even the obscure ones.”


An Introduction to the Voyager Tarot The Way of the Great Oracle

We will be meeting for our September Mass Tarot Meeting at the Lilly Library in Florence,MA on September 10, 2016 from 1PM to 3PM
This month, George Barham has graciously offered to share with us, “An Introduction to the Voyager Tarot ,The Way of the Great Oracle”.
We will explore a brief history of the tarot and where Voyager fits in. We will look at how the structure is different and how it is like other tarot decks and why. Also we will experiment with some different ways of doing readings with Voyager Tarot deck.
*It is not necessary to have a Voyager deck to participate in this session.
Voyager Tarot Interview

Mass Tarot Meeting, August, 2016: Spell-crafting with Tarot Cards presented by Jill Scott

Mass Tarot Society will be meeting on August 6th, at the Lilly Library in Florence, Mass from 1PM to 3PM

Spell-crafting with Tarot Cards will be presented by Jill Scott.  In this session we will explore the art of Magic and Spell crafting; and consider how the tarot can be utilized in this practice.  You do not need to have any experience working with Magic to participate in this session.  Please bring a tarot deck that you enjoy working with. You will come away from this session with both the resources and inspiration to begin a magic practice of your own.   a3115761237d2fd7927292243187c9ea

July 9, 2016 Mass Tarot Meeting: The Thoth Deck (aka the Crowley Deck)

The Thoth Deck (aka the Crowley Deck),  Presented by Devin
July 9th (Second Saturday) 2016 1PM to 3PM, Lilly Library in Florence, MA
This month, we’ll look briefly at the history of this legendary and controversial deck, and the differences between it and the Rider-Waite-Smith deck (these are probably the two most popular decks of the last century and remain popular today).  The Thoth Deck is challenging, funny, can be rude, is extremely direct, and is often very intimidating to those who want to learn it.  We’ll discuss possible approaches to working with the deck, try out a reading, and look at some resources that may help.   PLEASE NOTE:  Bring the following to the meeting:  1) If you have a Crowley deck, bring it, but do NOT feel you need to go out and buy one—some participants have promised to bring multiple “loaner” Crowley decks so if you don’t own one you can borrow one for our meeting or double up with someone else.  2)  Bring your own favorite non-Crowley deck–the one you are most comfortable reading with, whether RWS or a clone or some other classic tarot (not an oracle deck).  Put just this deck (your non-Crowley deck) in order before you come (Majors first, in order, then the Minors sorted into their suits).t-toth

June 2016 Mass Tarot Meeting: A Very Brief Look at the Origins and Evolution of the Tarot

June 4th, 2016, Mass Tarot will be meeting for a  very brief look at the origins and evolution of the Tarot with Marcianna Caplis, from 1PM to 3PM at the Lilly Library in Florence, Mass.  This session is ideal for tarot enthusiasts of all levels of experience and study. Please bring a deck and a notebook and any resource materials you desire. If you have an antique deck or a re-production of a historically significant deck, please bring it along for show and tell. **Marcianna requests that attendees bring multiple decks, including their favorites.