Mass Tarot Meeting, December 2019: Tarot and Your Music Playlist

Please join us on December 7th, 2019 for our monthly meet-up.  We will be meeting at Lilly Library in Florence from 1PM to 3PM.
The Tarot Deck in Your Music Playlist

Sandra Haynes will share how Tarot archetypes are embedded in the music we love and how putting your playlist on shuffle can be a way to listen (or dance) a tarot reading.

Bring a link to your favorite song, a tarot deck, and earbuds if you have them.



Mass Tarot Meeting, November 2019: Tarot Show and Tell

Please come to our next monthly Tarot meeting, this Saturday, November 2, 2019 at Lily Library from 1pm to 3pm, hosted by the wonderful Corinne Sharkey.  When you come, bring one or more tarot decks, a show-and-tell item, a suggested reading (if time allows), and feel welcome to describe your show-and-tell item and how it relates to your Tarot practice (in five minutes or less).

This is a repeat of last November’s show-and-tell meeting, but whether you attended then or not, there’s always more to share!!! Last year’s meeting was inspired by the observation that many Tarot readers have other interests that aren’t directly related to Tarot, but that contribute to their interpretation of the cards. You’re welcome to bring something to this meeting to describe in five minutes or less. Share how this interest enriches your view of the world and its possibilities, and how it enhances your insights during a Tarot reading. If time permits, we’ll be happy to try-out a few Tarot spreads that illustrate how a show-and-tell item plays a role in those readings.

Whether you’re new to Tarot, or have enjoyed card-reading for many years, here’s an opportunity to see Tarot (and fellow-readers) in a new way. If you’re not sure what to bring, trust your intuition, bring something you like, and see what happens!image


You Are Invited to Mass Tarot’s Tenth Anniversary Meeting/Birthday Party!

Please join us on October 5th, 2019 at the Lilly Library from 1PM to 3PM for a celebration of ten years of Mass Tarot.  Carolyn has planned a session looking at birth
cards, year cards, and the significance of our our ages both for Mass
Tarot and each of us individually. We’ll end by making wishes for all…And there will be cake!!

*Don’t forget to bring a deck!


September 7, 2019: Managing Predictions and Possibilities with Tarot

Please join us on September 7th, 2019 from 1PM to 3PM at the Lily Library in Florence, Mass for our September Mass Tarot Meeting facilitated by Jill Scott. We will be discussing and exploring the ability/inability of the tarot and the people using the tarot to make predictions. All thoughts and opinions are welcomed and encouraged. One sided discussions are boring!  We will be talking, experimenting and partner reading. Please bring any deck you like and a notebook. You may want to condsider in advance a situation you would like to have a reading about at the meeting. image

Mass Tarot Meeting, August 3, 2019: Tarot For Troubles Times

Please Join us on Saturday August 3rd at Lily Library in Florence from 1PM to 3PM for a Mass Tarot Meet-up facilitated by Carolyn Cushing, and co-hosted by Goundings.

This session is inspired by Tarot for Trouble Times’ premise that we
all have a role to play in taking action, facing personal and
collective shadows, and instigating radical change. We’ll get tastes
and tidbits from the healing, Tarot, action, and magical ideas and
processes described in the book, including:

– Engaging our shadows to release power
– Practices for personal healing work, including learning how to do
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).
– Directing our focus with collective and personal year cards.
– Finding our unique way of serving inspired by the Tarot’s Knights

Tarot for Trouble Times is by the dynamic duo of Theresa Reed and
Shaheen Miro. MTS’s Carolyn Cushing is honored and delighted to have
contributed the closing piece in the book on Welcoming Justice with
the Tarot Knights.

Lauren from Groundings will be at the library at 12:30 with copies of
the book for sale and some special decks to check out.

Please be reminded that you should ALWAYS bring a tarot deck and have at least a basic understanding of the Tarot before attending Mass Tarot Meetings.


July 6th, 2019: Reading and Restoring Our Chakras with the Tarot


Please join us on Saturday, July 6th at the Lilly Library in Florence, Mass from 1PM to 3PM for a discussion led by Jill Scott entitled Reading and Restoring Our Chakras with the Tarot.   This session will explain the functions of the chakras within the metaphysical body and we will explore together how we can connect them to the Tarot. We will then do what we do best and use our tarot-minds to explore our chakras and see what we can do to restore/open/ balance them.  Beginners and experts are welcome, please feel free to bring your notes or journals and a comfortable and colorful reading deck.

***I will be bringing the beautiful new Herbcrafter Tarot for you to preview. If anyone else has any new decks they would like to show off, we can do a show and tell as our introduction.*** Hope to see you there!!

June 1st, 2019 Reader’s Studio Re-Cap with Carolyn Cushing

Please join us at the Lily Library in Florence, Mass on June 1st, 2019 for our June Mass Tarot Meeting hosted by Carolyn Cushing.  Carolyn will share readings, tips, and news from her trip to  the 17th annual Readers Studio that gathers Tarot lovers from around the world to work with 3 master teachers and learn from each other over 3
activity packed days. We meet from 1PM to 3PM. Please bring a deck you can read with comfortably.



Mass Tarot Meeting, May 4, 2019: Pop Culture Tarot with Jaymi Elford

Please join us on May 4th, 2019 from 1PM to 3PM at the Lilly Library in Florence, Mass for our monthly Mass Tarot meeting with guest speaker Jaymi Elford, for a presentation of Pop Culture and Tarot.

Combining pop culture with tarot helps tarot make sense, transforming classic archetypes into modern ones. Use your favorite fandoms to recall tarot archetypes and personalities—access meanings quick and easy. Join Jaymi in a discussion about your fandom and how it can influence your journey with the cards. Bring your favorite pop culture deck, if you have one, for show and tell. Learn new, and create fun, fandom spreads.

Jaymi Elford lives a tarot inspired life. She uses the cards as a tool to explore the world we live in and create meaning. Author of Tarot Inspired Life and the Triple Goddess tarot. She continues to write and create innovative divination techniques. Visit her at:

UPDATE:  Jaymi was kind enough to compile our spreads from this session and it is linked here:  2019-MT-Pop spreads



April 6, 2019: Decoding Your Natal Chart with Tarot

Please join us on April 6th, 2019,  from 1PM to 3PM at the Lily Library in Florence, Mass for a presentation by Lindsey Rosmarin.

Want to understand what the stars have to say about you without spending years studying astrology? Tarot comes to the rescue! Explore your natal chart in the form of a tarot reading where the planets provide the questions and their placement at your birth gives you the cards to read. This process makes a great introduction to astrology for tarot reader and adds an additional layer of depth for long-term students of the stars. Ways to apply this information in your regular readings will also be discussed.

Please bring your natal chart and your favorite tarot deck. Ideally, your deck should associate Wands with Fire and Swords with Air. Having your exact time of birth will allow you to explore more aspects of your chart. While natal charts can be calculated online for free, Lindsey can provide you with a personalized document listing 27 astrological points of interest and their corresponding cards for the reduced rate of $20 (regularly $45 – birth time needed to provide all data). Contact her at by Wednesday, April 3, if interested.

Lindsey Rosmarin is dedicated to crafting spiritual encounters that help you trust your journey. After training in multiple systems of divination, meditation and alternative healing, she has embraced the philosophy that meaningful collaboration with clients leads to the most powerful results. If you are ready to deeply engage in your own growth process, contact Lindsey using to discuss how she can assist you in shifting into greater authenticity, love, health and joy.

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March 2, 2019: Fundamental Human Needs and the Tarot

Please join us on March 2nd, 2019 at Lilly Library in Florence, Mass from 1PM to 3PM, for a presentation and discussion led by Sandra Haynes.

Human needs don’t change–how we satisfy them does. This is why as tarot practitioners the same sorts of questions are asked by everyone many times over their lives; questions about love, money, career, travel, identity, understanding.

In this session Sandra Haynes will discuss how the theory of Fundamental Human Needs  developed by Manfred Max-Neef can be overlapped onto the structure of the tarot. We will discuss Max-Neef’s classification of nine fundamental needs, and the five need satisfiers. We will do a few open-ended tarot spreads to explore how the tarot can be used to identify the questioner’s wealths and poverties and how the questioner’s needs may or may not be satisfied.

Bring your favorite tarot deck and notebook.