For more information about the Massachusetts Tarot Society or its programs,  contact us by:

E-mail Carolyn:

Telephone Carolyn at: 413-529-9759

E-mail  Jill:

Telephone Jill at: 413-537-1432

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  1. Hello Carolyn, I lloked at the Mass Tarot site and noticed that there was a 09-10 Tarot Study Group. Will there be a new one starting in 2011 or is the current group open for new members. I have read cards for many years but still consider myself an advanced beginner. This course sounds perfect for me. I love Mary K. Greer’s books and have studied them in the past.



    • Hi, Susan!

      Doesn’t look like we will do another Study Group this year, but our monthly sessions are great places for Advanced Beginners to keep learning. At our last session, we talked about how there is so much to learn about Tarot that we are always returning to a point of learning anew. This site lists the topics of upcoming sessions. Let me know if you have more questions.

      Be well,

  2. Hi All at the society!

    I want to THANK YOU for welcoming me as a visitor to the meeting in August. The positive energy I felt throughout the time spent there recharged me. Its amazing how a group of people give out a stronger vibration when they join together in a sharing way.

    You all are so gifted in so many ways that go far beyond our common interest, and I think you all must know that. My sister is truely fortunate to have found you on her journey, it makes me feel comforted to know that she has such positive energy around her.

    I also want to thank you for all of your suggestions in furthering my interest in tarot and giving me contact names for people in my own area that may help me on my journey as well.

    Sending you my best to all.


    Mary Jane

  3. A lovely note. Thanks, Mary Jane!

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