September 4, 2021: Tarot Flora and Fauna Part 2: Plants, Herbs, Trees and Flowers

Please join us on Saturday, Sept 4th, 2021 for part two of our exploration of the flora and fauna of tarot.  We will once again be meeting virtually via Zoom from 1PM to 3PM.  

This month we will begin with a short show and tell of your botanical or nature-based decks if you choose to use them. We will then look at some of the Flora in the Rider Waite deck before moving onto some creative activities using plants as botanical archetypes. Finally we will read and share a few nature inspired mini spreads.  If you would like to share and use a nature (plant-inclusive) tarot or oracle deck for this session, that is wonderful, but not exclusively necessary. You will be able to participate in all activities with any deck and any level of  (or lack of) knowledge about plants, herbs, trees and flowers. Although having a phone with which to “Google” or plant guide book nearby for looking things up might be helpful.   

Zoom link will be shared by email and in our Facebook group a few days in advance. You can also contact Jill or Carolyn if need be. See “contacts” tab. 

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