Mass Tarot Meeting 8/7/21: Tarot Flora and Fauna Part 1: The Tarot Menagerie

Please join us on August 7th from 1pm to 3pm, for our virtual Mass Tarot Meeting via the Zoom platform. 

This month we will be embarking on part 1 of 2 sessions connecting tarot to the natural world with Jill Scott. Part one will be tarot’s connection to the animal world. Part two will be plants. Tarot, as a moral guide, is a great tool to navigate the preservation and appreciation of our flora and fauna which is at risk due to climate change and the resulting extreme weather patterns. It’s also a lot of fun to connect tarot concepts to plants and animals to deepen our understanding of tarot’s universal language. 

This session we will be discussing the depictions of animals in traditional tarot, as well as coming up with our own animal associations. We will explore some important nature related questions and spend a little time discovering our animal spirit guides. 

If you have an animal themed deck you would like to bring and share, we will start with a show and tell. But if you do not have an animal themed deck, don’t worry because all the activities can be done without one. If you have ever considered creating a fauna-based deck, this would be the perfect preparatory session for you. 

***zoom link is shared in our Facebook group. If you don’t have access, you can email me (Jill) at for the link***

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