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Mass Tarot Society Meeting – 4/21/12 – Intuitive Tarot & Divination with George Barham

In this session, led by George Barham, we explored divination as the foundation of the tarot. Divination goes back thousands of years. The world’s oldest book the I Ching is divination tool. We will created our own divination tool in class and did readings with it.  Rachel Pollack  has said “Tarot is one of the great systems of divination”.  We were able to experience that first hand.

Attendees: Marc, Carol, Kat, Jill, Lilith, Jacqueline, Deborah & Paris

“graciously being soulful”
“World Spirit Tarot” – Deborah
“turning diamonds back into coal”

Omega Institute

Mass Tarot Society Meeting – 3/17/12 – Exploring the Tarot as a Guide to the Soul’s Journey

At this meeting, Marcianna Caplis, using Carl Japikse’s book as a reference, led us through card meanings and some layouts with the Tarot Roots of Asia and The Aquarian Tarot. We explored Japikse’s concepts.

What day of the week is best to attend an MTS meeting (a poll)?

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Mass Tarot Society Meeting – 8/20/11 – “Reading Exchange” – Great practice, great fun!

Attending: Maryjane, Maureen, Kat, Devin, Juniper, Paris, George, Keri.


Juniper Talbot is running two Tarot Classes on the Tarot and Qabala, one for beginners, one more advanced. Details at Inspirit Commons. MENTION YOU’RE WITH MASSTAROT for a 10% DISCOUNT. (Thank you, Juniper!)

Paris Finley is going to be a guest on Donnaleigh de la Rose’s RadioTalkBlog show “Divine Whispers on October 23rd at 7 pm. Topic: “Using the Major Arcana cards to find energy imbalances.”

Anyone wanting a sigillum of your name and sun sign, email Paris at

Each of us pulled two cards, one at random and one by choice. Using a round-robin technique, participants read for each other using the two cards. This way, querents could hear a wide variety of reading styles, and everyone could get quick practice on quick reading.

“You can bring your unique perspective to the experience.”
“Native American elders sitting in council say that each will have a different perspective on the central problem.”
“Each of us sees the sun, but from a different angle.”

MTS Meeting – 7/16/2011 – “Way of Seeing” — An Introduction to Tarot with George Barham

“Way of Seeing” — An Introduction to Tarot, presenter George Barham.

We explored some of the aspects of minor arcana and major arcana. We covered a brief history tarot decks and how to understand them. We looked at how all this affects readings.

Attendees: Connie, Carol, Paris, Maureen, Shivani, George.

“Everywhere man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.” The Devil card (George)
“I’m the Tower; I’m pushing to make change.” (Shivani)
“Personal Tarot mission statement.”
“Penal ships” (3 of Wands)
“They’ve gone.”
“Dig in the dirt.” (Carol)
“My role is shifting from mother to grandmother.”
“Pull a card, look at the book.” (Maureen)
“We only study the cards to be able to make meaning at the moment of the reading.” (Paris)
“Which Major Arcana card is still found in a deck of playing cards?”. The Fool!
“Hold sacred that which keeps you safe. I’m thankful.”
The spirit on the stairs.
“I’m creating a guest house.” (Shivani)
“Don’t forget the strength of water.”

The Power of Myth (Book/DVD) Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell.
Laura Phoenix of Easthampton, psychic.
The Art of Intuition: Cultivating Your Inner Wisdom by Sophie Burnham.
Tarot for Manifestation by James Wells.

The Seven Archangels

Raphael – “God has healed”
Gabriel – “God is my strength”
Chamuel – “He who seeks God”
Michael – “Who is as God”
Adabiel – “Servant of God”
Haniel – “Glory of God”
Zaphiel – “Knowledge of God”

This is from “A Dictionary of Angels – Including the Fallen Angels” – Gustav Davidson. It was first published in 1967 and is pretty extensive Paris. Kind of a who’s who of angels from around the globe. I think you might enjoy it! There is a lengthy bibliography along with an appendix that will give you the order of the celestial hierarchy, conjuration’s and incantations. Davidson’s introduction is worth a read too! It is one of the treasures of my library and frequently consulted for those tougher problems!


George Barham received his first Tarot deck in 1971 and has had a love affair with the cards ever since. He has studied with some of the foremost teachers of our time. After 40 years, he is still a student and always learning new things about the Tarot.

MTS Meeting – 6/18/2011 – Readers Studio 2011 Sharing Session

The Tarot School’s Readers Studio is:

  • a conference for Tarot practitioners;
  • a Tarot master class three times over;
  • an on-going reading with the most insightful readers;
  • a party where everyone loves Tarot; and
  • a river of Tarot wisdom that you get to drink from for three days!

Paris Finley and Carolyn Cushing went to Readers Studio 2011 in April and at this meeting, they shared a few of their favorite insights, tools, and techniques.  The focus was spreads:  exploring their value and purpose; looking at some different formats, and diving into some of the fabulous spreads picked up at Readers Studio.

If you want more info on what happened at this year’s Reader Studio, click here.  This is also where they will post info on the next one at some point in the fall.

Download Paris’s handout “Bridge Cards” based on Shari Lynn Smith’s presentation.

Readers Studio 2011

A huge thank you to everyone at RS 2011 for the warm welcome we received as members of the Massachusetts Tarot Society. And MTS members–take a bow–because our colleagues from across the country (and the world!) are very proud of us. This is an appropriate time to thank Carolyn.

Beth Owl’s Daughter takes a shot of Carolyn Cushing and Joanna Powell Colbert (The Gaian Tarot)

For some photos from RS 2011, try The Tarot Lady who blogged from RS and did a fine post-event write up. You’ll also find some familiar faces at Tarot by Paris in a short slideshow.

And remember, the June 18th, 2011, Massachusetts Tarot Society meeting will offer activities from the Readers Studio. (May’s meeting on the 21st will feature Exercises in Strengthening Intuition.)

Looking ahead – meetings schedule

Here’s the schedule for the remainder of the year.

November 20 – Astrology and Tarot, Part II by Shivani
December 18 – Book and Deck Sale and Swap with Paris
January 15 – How to grow your Tarot skills by Carolyn
(Open to beginners!)

February 19 – Symbol & Myth
March 19 – Beyond the Celtic Spread with Dale
April 16 – The Tarot Herb Garden
May 21 – Strengthening Intuition (Exercises) with Paris
June 18 – TBA

Massachusetts Tarot Society Meeting: October 16, 2010

Massachusetts Tarot Society Meeting: October 16, 2010

We used the Rider-Waite-Smith deck (artwork by Pamela Coleman Smith) and played a laughter-filled game of Tarot VIII StrengthTrivia. The questions were designed to force us to think about what is found in the images themselves, often in ways that we might not consider without guidance. “What are in his hands? Which way is he facing?” Continue reading

MTS Free deck offer

but watch for a repeat, soon.

Here’s how you can get a free Tarot deck:

If you’re an existing MTS participant, bring someone new to the October 16th meeting.
Attend your first MTS meeting this coming October 16th.

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