October 1st, 2022: Reading Tarot for Others; A Cold-Card Method for Parties, Fairs and Quick Readings

Please join us for our monthly meet-up at the Lilly Library in Florence on Saturday, October 1st from 1PM to 3PM for our monthly meet-up.  This month we will be doing a little practice reading for each other, in preparation for Halloween Party Season, a tarot reader’s bread & butter!  We will start off the session discussing what makes a deck ideal (and not ideal) when reading for others, so please bring a deck or two that you feel are appropriate (bonus points for appropriate AND seasonal!). We will then play around with one of my methods of drawing and reading cards, great for quick reads at parties or to start off longer readings. We will practice first on ourselves, then for each other. Finally, we will share our reactions to the process as a group.  Hope to see you there!!


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