Mass Tarot Meeting: June 4, 2022 Introduction to The Discarded Tarot by Sandra Haynes

Saturday, June 4th from 1PM to 3PM we will visit Sandra Haynes in her art studio at Leverett Crafts & Arts (13 Montague Road, Leverett MA) to see her creation process for a mixed media tarot deck she is calling The Discarded Tarot. The deck imagery is deck is built on recycled machine shop inventory filing cards & using discarded books and magazines out of the “Free” boxes found around her town. 

If you are planning to attend and are willing to pick up someone else in your area for carpool, or are in need to transportation, please see the Mass Tarot Facebook group thread for this event to coordinate.

Sandra has provided the following links:

on Patreon:

on Instagram: @AliensReadMyDiary

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