March 5, 2022: Rescuing the Tarot Cards That Nobody Loves

Please join us on Saturday, March 5th, 2022 for our monthly Mass Tarot Gathering via Zoom.

Are there cards you wish you could remove from the deck and never see again? Are there cards you dislike because you don’t really understand what they mean? Are there cards that always seem to make you cringe? Our goal in this session will be to find usefulness in the cards nobody loves. We will attempt to find them a purpose and invite them back into our readings.  We will cover majors, minors and courts. Please bring your voices, thoughts and ideas on this topic and a deck you are comfortable reading and sharing. This session would be nice for those who are learning tarot as well as experienced readers. The zoom link will be sent to those on our email list as well as posted in the Facebook group.

Please remember to make a $5 donation through PayPal Thank you! 

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