Wintering with the Tarot, December 4, 2021

Wintering with the Tarot, December 4th, 2021

Please join us on Saturday, December 4th from 1Pm to 3Pm via ZOOM for our Mass Tarot monthly meet-up.

In this last session of 2021, we will spend some time reflecting on the year past and how we will approach the coming season of Winter. We will be exploring the approaches to definitions of Wintering (verb) to expand and develop with our tarot as a guide. This session, facilitated by Jill Scott,  will be practice in using the tarot as both a therapeutic tool and as a muse to inspire activity and ritual. Please bring any deck(s) you are comfortable reading with. You are invited to combine tarot and oracle cards for this session. You will want to prepare space for a large spread. I will be creating a PDF handout of the spread that I will upload to the files in our Mass Tarot Facebook group and include in the email with the zoom link. You may print it from there prior to the session. It will also be available to view on-screen during the session. Please remember, if you enjoy these meetings, make a donation of $5 through Paypal at

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