July 3rd, 2021: Creating a Tarot Spread Inspired by a Card with Carolyn Cushing

Please join us on July 3rd, 2021 for our Mass Tarot Meeting from 1PM to 3PM. We will be conducting the meeting via the ZOOM platform. Link will be shared by email and in our Facebook group when available. Once the Lilly Library begins letting out the community room again, we will move back to in-person meeting.

This month Carolyn is planning to lead us though a process of creating a tarot spread inspired by a single major arcana card. She has said that after sharing some tips on spread creation, we will each work with a major arcana that we know well or are inspired by to create a spread. We will have time to work alone, in pairs and as a full group to to create, tweak and share our spreads with each other.

**We are looking for members with ideas for meeting topics to facilitate upcoming meetings. Please contact Jill or Carolyn if you would like to volunteer. Super bonus points of you can host a zoom session for the full 2 hours.

Jill: pathfindertarot@comcast.net

Carolyn: carolyn@soulpathsanctuary.com

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