March 6th, 2021 Mass Tarot: Special Guest Presenter: Rachel Pollack

Please join us on Saturday March 6th, 2021 from 1PM to 3PM for a very special Mass Tarot gathering via ZOOM.

THE ART OF THE QUESTION, with Rachel Pollack
For many Tarot readers the question is the root of all we do with  tarot.  Not just readings, and certainly not just predictions but also  looking into the essence of Tarot.  Because it is the question that  allows the Tarot to speak to us.  There are questions that are simple  and practical, questions that are profound and philosophical,  questions that are about issues common to many people’s lives, and  questions that are strange and mysterious.  We set the question and  then we shuffle.
Here are three questions that we can explore about Tarot itself:1. What is the Tarot for?2. What is it in and of itself (what is its essential nature)? And of course,3. How does the Tarot work?
This will be the first part of our time together.  The second will be  something I’ve wanted to do for many years—simply answer people’s  questions about Tarot, and Tarot readings with no other plan or set  materials.  So think about questions you’ve had about the cards—their  qualities, what we can do with them, how to understand what they show  us.
I do not want to know the questions ahead of time—the idea is to  respond in the moment.  However, I invite people to send any questions  they have ahead of time to Carolyn (   And we’ll try to make time for spontaneous questions as well.
I look forward to all of us learning together.

HOW TO ATTEND (from Carolyn)

#1: If you haven’t signed up yet, now is the time to do so. Send $6 or  more $s (Rachel gets it all) via to When  I see the payment, I’ll send you the link so you have it to sign in  that day.
If you have sent your money, but don’t have a link yet: First, check  your spam / promos / junk. Lots of my emails have been ending up  there, especially when they have Zoom links, I think. Of course, if  you don’t see it there, reach out to me for the link.
#2: For those that are attending, check out Rachel’s invitation to  send a question for her to answer. Then send your question to me. I’m  going to put them in a hat for random picking that day.

One response to “March 6th, 2021 Mass Tarot: Special Guest Presenter: Rachel Pollack

  1. Forrest just sent in the funds this morning— did u get them yet? Sorry, he’s a last-minute guy. We’ll each be at our own homes. Thank you

    Sent from my iPhone Karin

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