February 6th, 2021: An Inner Journey with the Tarot

Hi, Fellow Tarot Lovers:
We will gather in Zoomlandia (info below) this Saturday, the 6th, at  1pm. We had to switch things up so I will be leading the session. Here  is what is on offer:

An Inner Journey with the Tarot
The pandemic continues, snow stops traffic, and pilots are forgetting  how to fly! We’d better take an inner journey instead and that is  exactly what we will do this Saturday. After a meditation to create an  imaginal landscape in the room where we are, we will use the cards to  find a soul tending question and be guided on a pilgrimage to find the  answer to that question.
Use any deck that inspires you. You may want to separate out the  Majors to be prepared ahead of the session. Have a notebook and pen  handy. You’ll be invited to move a bit around the space that you are in.

If you are on our email list, you have already received the link to this meeting. It will be shared in the Mass Tarot Facebook group as well, or if need be, you may contact Carolyn at Carolyn@soulpathsanctuary.com or Jill at Pathfindertarot@comcast.net

P.S. I hope you saw Monday’s email with the news that Tarot Grand  Master and Vibrant Storyteller Rachel Pollack will be our March guest.  As this is a special event, you do need to make a payment, but it only  $6 sent to Pay Pal using pay@masstarot.org. We are not offering this  beyond Mass Tarot at the moment. When I get notification that your  payment is in, I’ll send you the Zoom link for the session.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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