Mass Tarot Meeting, 12/5/2020: Combining Oracle Cards with Tarot

Please join us on Saturday December 5, 2020, via ZOOM for our monthly virtual meet-up. The meeting will begin at 1PM and finish at 3PM.

This month we will be exploring ways to combine oracle cards with the tarot. Oracles cards can direct, invite, or simply add depth to our tarot readings. We will be reading for ourselves and taking turns reading for each other. Please have both a tarot deck and an oracle deck available.

If you need to purchase an oracle deck, a good place to start is here:

You can also find many independently published decks on Etsy, and some good deals on used decks in the FB group Tarot Marketplace. Alternatively, a homemade oracle deck would be a fun art project for those who are creatively inclined.

The ZOOM invitation (link), once it is available will be posted in our Facebook group and sent out with our monthly email reminder. You can also obtain the link by emailing or Jill at

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