Mass Tarot, November 7, 2020: The Alchemist’s Karmic Visioning Spread

Please join us on Saturday November 7th 2020 from 1PM to 3PM via ZOOM For our monthly Mass Tarot Meet-up. This month Nina Vecchi will be sharing her Alchemist’s Karmic Visioning Spread. Two decks will be needed for this session. It is suggested that one of the decks represent a close likeness to the Rider Waite major arcana. We will focus the archetypal energies of the Rider Waite major arcana to form a container for visualizing a path we desire to manifest. The second deck should be one you connect with and represent your dreams, desires and goals. Here is a link to the handout for the presentation:

The ZOOM link will be posted in our facebook group and in the email reminder message. Alternatively, you can contact Jill or Carolyn to request the link via email or facebook messenger.

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