Mass Tarot Meeting, August 1, 2020: Behind the Scenes of Tarot Readings

Please join us for a tarot meeting via ZOOM on August 1st, 2020 from 1pm to 3PM.

Behind the Scenes of Tarot Readings

What happens behind the scenes of a tarot reading? We will go backstage to observe three volunteers do short readings while filling us in on what is happening for the reader. Then we’ll pair up and share our own reading experiences.

Here are some questions we may explore:  How do you start a reading? What decisions do you make and how do you apply intuition? Do you use body cues? How do you play with card images? Do you get stuck? What is your role and relationship with the other person? How do you engage the other person? Do you bring in other systems? How do you balance truth and kindness? What gives you freedom to experiment and play? What enhances your ability to learn?

Please have a deck and writing materials handy. It would be great to have a query ready as well.

We hope everyone is healthy and staying safe and we look forward to exploring with you!

Catherine will facilitate this month’s meeting and Carolyn will once again be our ZOOM hostess. The meeting link will be available from Carolyn at, or Jill at You may also request it from either of us via Facebook messenger. Carolyn will also email the link to those of you on our email notification list prior to the day of the meeting.


One response to “Mass Tarot Meeting, August 1, 2020: Behind the Scenes of Tarot Readings

  1. This will be wonderful! TY!

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