Mass Tarot Meeting, May 2, 2020: What Makes a “Good” Tarot Deck?

Please join us on Saturday May 2nd, from 1PM to 3PM for a virtual Mass Tarot Meeting via ZOOM.

Sandra Haynes will lead an open discussion about what qualities make a “good” tarot deck using the four tarot elements/suits as a framework. We will collect our criteria & opinions for use in a future meeting about what makes a good tarot deck review.

We will also discuss what people are buying, selling and trading in the open market and In other words, which decks are treasured and which are frequently passed around. Jill will talk about how to buy a used deck online, what to be wary of and how to sell one yourself.

We will be creating lots of space for opinion & self expression as well as sharing valuable information and we would love to have you join us!!   If you are interested in participating you need to email Jill or Carolyn to get the link to the Zoom meeting.  Alternatively,  you could message us through Facebook or comment on the event (once it is posted) in our Mass Tarot Facebook group and I will message you the link. We are concerned about privacy so we can’t share the link publicly and we ask that you do not share it either.  Mass Tarot in person and online shall  remain a safe and sacred space if we all commit to preserving it.



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