Mass Tarot Meeting, April 4, 2020 via Zoom (online only): Tarot, Help! Tarot in Times of Crisis

Our meeting this month will take place online, rather than in-person.  Please see the details that Carolyn has graciously laid out below.
Join us for Mass Tarot via Zoom at our usual time 1pm on the first
Saturday of the moonth, April 4th. You can join with video or just
audio, via computer or telephone. All details on how to connect are
Our topic is: Tarot, help! Bring the deck that you find most helpful
for use in times of crisis.
We will begin with a go-around sharing cards pulled in response to the
plea, Tarot, help!, to gather individual and collective insight into
what help is being offered to us through the Tarot for these times.
Then those who are willing/have something to offer will share for up
to/around 10 minutes about a practice, ritual, or recent reading
they’ve done that could be helpful for moving in the most beneficial
way possible through the challenges we face.
For example, I will share walking the soul path of the Hermit reading
I did with suggestions for practices to work with our emotions. Who
else has something to share?
At the end, we’ll experiment with being in smaller break out groups to
just chat a bit after the end of the formal session like we usually
do. FYI, I have been using Zoom for awhile, but this will be the first
time I organize break out groups. We’ll see how it goes. I’m taking
the Fool as my guide.
I’m setting up the Zoom meeting so you can arrive 15 minutes or so
early if you haven’t used Zoom before. It’s pretty simple. I’ll do
what I can to help people get connected until 1pm when we start. And
my cell is 413-529-9759 if we need to tech trouble shoot that way.
Here is the invite:
Carolyn Cushing is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Mass Tarot April Session
Time: Apr 4, 2020 12:45 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Please see the Mass Tarot Facebook page for the link to join or email Carolyn at

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