Mass Tarot Meeting, August 3, 2019: Tarot For Troubles Times

Please Join us on Saturday August 3rd at Lily Library in Florence from 1PM to 3PM for a Mass Tarot Meet-up facilitated by Carolyn Cushing, and co-hosted by Goundings.

This session is inspired by Tarot for Trouble Times’ premise that we
all have a role to play in taking action, facing personal and
collective shadows, and instigating radical change. We’ll get tastes
and tidbits from the healing, Tarot, action, and magical ideas and
processes described in the book, including:

– Engaging our shadows to release power
– Practices for personal healing work, including learning how to do
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).
– Directing our focus with collective and personal year cards.
– Finding our unique way of serving inspired by the Tarot’s Knights

Tarot for Trouble Times is by the dynamic duo of Theresa Reed and
Shaheen Miro. MTS’s Carolyn Cushing is honored and delighted to have
contributed the closing piece in the book on Welcoming Justice with
the Tarot Knights.

Lauren from Groundings will be at the library at 12:30 with copies of
the book for sale and some special decks to check out.

Please be reminded that you should ALWAYS bring a tarot deck and have at least a basic understanding of the Tarot before attending Mass Tarot Meetings.


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