February 2019 Mass Tarot: Tarot Correspondences with Susie Chang

Please join us on 2/2/19 at the Lilly Library in Florence from 1PM to 3PM for our February Mass Tarot meeting.

“Susie Chang (author of Tarot Correspondences: Ancient Secrets for Everyday Readers, co-host of the Fortune’s Wheelhouse esoteric podcast) will be leading a discussion about correspondences and the tarot: the four elements, astrology, numbers, and Kabbalah. How can we use what can seem like super-technical tools in an intuitive practice? How can we use this network of symbolic relationships to deepen our readings for ourselves and others?

In addition to looking at the what, how, and why of correspondences, we’ll introduce some hands-on techniques you can integrate into your home or client practice: Tarot Arithmetic, Majors through Minors, Tree of Life spells, and Card of the Day spells. Rider Waite Smith and Thoth-based decks will work best, but really any deck with scenic minors will do. If you have a Tabula Mundi deck, bring that too!

Susie will have copies of Tarot Correspondences (published in October and now in its second printing!) on hand for signing and purchase.”


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