Mass Tarot, January 5, 2019: Wheel of the Year Spread


Greetings, Fellow Tarot Lovers!

I hope you enjoy your new year’s festivities and that you will join us on Saturday, the 5th, at our usual place (the Lily Library in Florence) at our usual time (1pm to 3pm) for our annual Wheel of the Year session.

In this year’s Wheel of the Year session, we will:
– reflect and harvest insights from 2018 (the year of Justice: 2+0+1+8=11);
– find a focus for 2019;
– get a glimpse of seasonal lessons coming our way;
– set out solar possibilities month by month; and
– (new this year) layer lunar influence cards on to our Wheels.

If you did a Wheel last year, feel free to bring it – but no worries if you didn’t do one. You might also think about bringing at least two Tarot/oracle decks: one for the solar work and one for the lunar – but that is optional. If you have already done a 2019 Wheel spread for yourself, you can lay it out again and just add the lunar layer at the MTS session.

About finding your focus for the year: Some people like to do a bit of prep ahead of the session to finding the idea / project / service / growth area / word / dream that they want to work on all year. If you are looking for inspiration for this and/or a little ritual for New Year’s day, you can check out my Solstice Seed of the New blog post: But once again this is optional; some people pull a card by chance at the session to place at the center of their Wheel.

You will leave with a handout of inspirations for continued solar and lunar work with your Wheel throughout the year.

RSVPs are extra helpful for this January session. First, because of the handout production. Second, in case there is weather! If you have RSVPed, we can be sure to contact you if need to cancel. Obviously if the Lily is closed we can’t meet and so you can look on their website if it stormy. Right now things are looking fine, but it is New England so you never know.

Looking forward to seeing you Saturday!

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