Mass Tarot Meeting: May 5th, 2018 Working with the Tarot Fives; The Heirophant to Temperance and Everything in Between

The Tarot Fives: Hierophant to Temperance and Everything in Between presented by Jill Scott

Saturday May 5th from 1PM to 3 PM at Lilly Library in Florence, Mass

This month we will be exploring the tarot minor fives and parent major fives, the Hierophant and Temperance as a numerical group. We will discuss how they function within the tarot; what challenges they propose and what they have to offer. If you have ever struggled to understand the messages of these cards, this session should be useful. Please bring a deck that is RWS based (as opposed to Thoth to TDM based).

In addition, and time permitting, we will look at how oracle decks can compliment tarot readings, particularly when dealing with the numerical group of the tarot fives. Please bring an oracle deck if you have one. There will be extra for those who do not have one.


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