Mass Tarot Meeting, April 1st, 2017: Rachel Pollack Presents The Raziel Tarot


Greetings, Tarot Friends!

It is not an April Fool’s joke! We are excited to be hosting Rachel Pollack on Saturday, April from 1pm to 3pm. We will be collecting $5 at the door and passing it on to Rachel.  It would be handiest if we could meet at our usual Lily Library space, but we are wondering if we will all fit.

So please, please, respond via email:,  and let me know your intentions for April 1st. Things could change for you, but a this point, can you join us on the 1st?

On the 1st,Rachel will be working with the newest deck she and Robert Place have created, The Raziel Tarot, to do wisdom readings exploring questions on collective, spiritual, and/or philosophical topics. The Raziel is a Majors only (at this point) deck inspired by Jewish esoteric teachings, stories, and lore. More info is here: I have been working with the deck; it is beautiful with many rich teachings to offer.

This leads to another straw poll question.  If you are coming on the 1st, are you thinking about buying a Raziel from Rachel that day?

Let me know your questions!

Be well,


P.S. And Happy Equinox! I have some Equinox reflections and a spread on my newly launched blog, you can check out at

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