Mass Tarot Meeting, March 2017: Justice at the Heart of the Tarot with Carolyn Cushing

Justice at the Heart of the Tarot with Carolyn Cushing – Saturday, March 4th

As always we will be meeting at the Lily Library in Florence, MA from 1:PM to 3:PM

In our time together we’ll explore how the Tarot is a structure that
provides moral guidance for living with Justice at its heart. After
looking at the Faces and Spaces of Justice as seen in different decks,
we’ll work with a map [i.e. template(s) for spreads] that weaves
together social change making models and the Tarot’s elemental
structure. Our Tarot play will help us identify what is important to
pay attention to as we make individual and collective choices on how
best to serve Justice in these times. Any deck can be used during the
session, but if you have more than one to choose from, bring the deck
with the image of Justice that most inspires you and/or has Knight
cards that you particularly like.


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