Mass Tarot Meeting January 2017: Wheel of the Year with Carolyn Cushing

Start the year with Tarot! Our next Mass Tarot session will be Saturday, January 7 from 1pm to 3pm at the Lily Library in Florence.

Come to our annual Wheel of the Year session where we’ll reflect back on 2016, identify a focus for 2017, and use a special spread to glimpse the lessons of upcoming seasons of 2017 as well as best ways to meet these lessons.

If you did a Wheel last year, feel free to bring it, but no worries if you did not. Bring a Tarot deck – or more than one – or any oracle deck really.

You’ll leave with a handout that includes ideas for working with the spread throughout the whole of 2017 as a guide for goal setting, reflection, and perceiving the wider patterns in your life.  RSVPs are helpful to know how many copies to make.

You don’t have to do any homework to prepare for the session, but if you are looking for some New Year’s ritual, you can adapt the Selecting of a Solstice Seed (that Carolyn does in her Soul Path Sanctuary) to finding a New Year’s Seed and arrive with that to be at the center of the spread that we do on the 7th  To find your seed, you may want to set aside a little time for ritual, including:

– Identifying what you need to release and let go of before setting off into the next cycle of light and the new year. You might sit in the dark and imagine what you want released being taken into the dark to be composted, to be transformed.
– Light candles and celebrate your new lightness.
– Pull a Tarot or oracle card or two to represent your Solstice Seed of the New. Before jumping to meaning making, just let the images settle into your heart.

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