July 9, 2016 Mass Tarot Meeting: The Thoth Deck (aka the Crowley Deck)

The Thoth Deck (aka the Crowley Deck),  Presented by Devin
July 9th (Second Saturday) 2016 1PM to 3PM, Lilly Library in Florence, MA
This month, we’ll look briefly at the history of this legendary and controversial deck, and the differences between it and the Rider-Waite-Smith deck (these are probably the two most popular decks of the last century and remain popular today).  The Thoth Deck is challenging, funny, can be rude, is extremely direct, and is often very intimidating to those who want to learn it.  We’ll discuss possible approaches to working with the deck, try out a reading, and look at some resources that may help.   PLEASE NOTE:  Bring the following to the meeting:  1) If you have a Crowley deck, bring it, but do NOT feel you need to go out and buy one—some participants have promised to bring multiple “loaner” Crowley decks so if you don’t own one you can borrow one for our meeting or double up with someone else.  2)  Bring your own favorite non-Crowley deck–the one you are most comfortable reading with, whether RWS or a clone or some other classic tarot (not an oracle deck).  Put just this deck (your non-Crowley deck) in order before you come (Majors first, in order, then the Minors sorted into their suits).t-toth

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