December Mass Tarot Meeting: Reading Tarot for Clients in Dysfunctional and Abusive Relationships

Mass Tarot will meet on Saturday, December 5th at the Lilly Library in Florence, MA  from 1PM to 3PM for a presentation by Laura Marjorie Miller.

Reading Tarot Cards for People in Dysfunctional and Abusive Relationships

Abuse and relationship toxicity are sensitive topics that our culture has only just begun to be able to discuss frankly and productively. Since a large percentage of tarot consultations concern relationship dynamics, the shadow side of those dynamics is sure to come out.

Laura Marjorie Miller will lead a productive discussion on best practices in these situations—with perspective both as someone who overcame a severely dysfunctional relationship which she spent years consulting readers for advice in maintaining, and as someone who has found herself on the other side of the deck, reading for friends in toxic relationships.

The following article by Theresa Reed will be good preparation for the meeting:

Image credit: Iman Ghorani, Deviant Art



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