5/ 2 Meeting: Dynamic Capacity with Mellissae Lucia and the Oracle of Initiation

MTS Oracel ImageAs spring emerges we are awakening to the gifts nurtured in the darkness. With the quickening of the life force we are invited to dance with the liminal spaces between our dualities. Join Mellissae Lucia and The Oracle of Initiation to explore the wild, shape shifting beauty of our holy paradoxes. Oracle decks will be available to use and you will take home your two sacred polarity cards.

Mellissae Lucia is an artist and adventurer, having spent over two decades immersed in Norse, African, and Native American sacred traditions, cross-cultural divination, indigenous dream-work, and archetypal psychology. She is the creator of The Oracle of Initiation divination deck and the accompanying book, Oracle of Initiation: Rainbows in the Dark which includes contributions from twenty-two cutting-edge visionaries including Mary K. Greer, Marcus Katz, Carrie Paris, Joanna Powell Colbert, Lisa De St. Croix, and Luisah Teish. In 2015 she will be presenting at the Women of Wisdom Conference, Northwest Tarot Symposium, and Readers Studio Tarot Conference. She teaches workshops online and in-person, offers readings and Spiritual Initiation Counseling with the Oracle, and sells her decks and prints on her website. She is currently designing a set of creativity cards about the Muses with an accompanying book.

This meeting will have a special suggested fee of $10 that will be going to our out of town presenter to show our gratitude for her making the trip to us!

Regular Time:  Saturday, May 2 at 1pm to 3pm

Regular Place:  Lilly Library in Florence, MA

Want to go deeper? Join Mellissae and Carolyn for a Sunday afternoon on May 3rd for a Crossroads of the Light adventure. Details and registration at Art of Change Tarot

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