UPDATE: March 7th, 2015 Tarot & Typology and Art Workshop for Mass Tarot Deck

UPDATE:  Next Meeting , March 7th, 2015 1PM to 3PM (presentation) 3PM to ? Art Workshop for Mass Tarot Deck.  Lilly Library, Florence, MA

For our next meeting we will explore Tarot and Typology with Catherine Knapp.  Here is what Catherine has to say about our March 7th presentation:

“Tarot and typology speak the same language.  Whether or not you know your type, we will talk about how you can use tarot to explore the structure, relationships and events happening in your psyche.   We will look at how the 16 Myers-Briggs types correspond with tarot’s 16 court cards, how Jungian functions relate to the minor arcana, and how the archetypal complexes of personality (like the major arcana) can provide a structure for exploring what lives in the shadows.  We’ll end by doing a spread combining tarot and your type.

If you don’t know your type, here are a few online type tests that you might want to try before you come.  Type tests are 30-70% accurate so a great alternative way to find your type is to play with the cards!”





Or Google “free typology test” and find one you like.

Final Art Workshop for Mass Tarot Deck:

At 3PM on March 7th, after our scheduled presentation,  we would like to invite you to stay after for about an hour or so to work on the final cards for our Mass Tarot Deck.  Collage and other art supplies will be provided. We will be sending out an updated list of available cards, very soon.  If you have committed to a card but have not completed it yet, please email Jill at pathfindertarot@comcast.net and state whether you intend to complete it, or you would like to put it back up for grabs on the list.  Once we have heard from everyone, we can update a final list. We have been making amazing progress, and expect to have a proof done for the deck by the end of March. Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed to this wonderful piece of history we are creating.


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