Mass Tarot Society Meeting – 3/1/2014 – Facilitation and Response with Jill Scott

jillscottMarch 1st – Facilitation and Response Jill Scott presented a “Facilitation and Response” tarot technique to the group. The premise is that the Major Arcana can work as questions, spread positions or “facilitators”, and the minor cards can be used to respond, which provides comprehensive information to the reader. The presentation began by “personalizing” our Major Arcana and determining how they can best serve us as readers. This technique can be used by strictly intuitive readers as well as traditional readers, as long as they have a comfortable familiarity with their working deck. The meeting involved some group work, solitary and partner reading, and The Pictorial Key to the Tarot by A.E. Waite was used as reference material.

Here’s a link to download the files for Jill’s presentation: Jill’s Scott’s Facilitation & Response

For directions on getting to the March meeting at the Lilly Library in Florence, Massachusetts, click here.


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