Tarot as Reading, Process, and Practice with Carolyn Cushing – Sat., September 15th

Carolyn Cushing of Art of Change Tarot will present on an expansive way of thinking about and working with the Tarot as a support for change making, spiritual development, creative inspiration and practical action. Here is what she has to say about this model:

“Lately, I’ve been pondering how to talk about new ways that I and some of my Tarot peers are using the cards. I have a propensity to see things in 3s so offer these categories to describe Tarot work: readings, process, and practice. Rather than discreet parts, they are overlapping circles that flow into each other.

Readings – Snapshot and Gateway: We pause in the present moment to assess and seek out greater understanding of patterns. Those patterns might be past, present, and future, or the how, what, who of a situation.

Process – Movement and Testing: In Tarot process, we accept the invitation of the reading to act and be in ways guided by wisdom and expressed through intuition. We move forward, using Tarot images as helpers along the way and guides for doing deeper. As I developed the Major Arcana meditations for Journey into the Tarot, for example, I created activities that included interactive processes for further work with the card and its archetypes. Most started with consciously choosing cards and working with them from varied perspectives for greater understanding of the past as it impacts current reality

Practice – Pilgrimage and Spiral: Practice can be modified by so many words: spiritual practice, business practice, musical practice, yoga practice. I love the humble dailiness that the word implies, and, yet, this simple action is the foundation for the transcendent: the music that transport you, the session – in meditation or with a client – that moves you into a feeling of flow, or the images in the cards coming together into an epiphany of deep knowing. This doesn’t happen every day, but integrating practice into your life opens up the space for these miracles to occur when the time is right. The more practice, the more space is opened up.”

The session will be an interactive exploration of these 3 areas and will include some time spent dipping our toes into a Tarot process activity.


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