Mass Tarot Society Meeting – May 19 – “Readers Studio Sharing Session”

Attendees to this year’s Reader’s Studio in New York (April 28-30, 2012) shared some of the highlights of the meeting. George Barham, Sheilaa Hite, Linda Farmer, Paris Finley and Carolyn Cushing of the M.T.S. attended this year but Carolyn was unable to make the meeting. Tarot Bingo, “The Body” layout (James Wanlass), and some of the techniques of James Wells were featured.

The Body of the MTS – May 19, 2012 (Photo by Kathryn Good-Schiff)

Energy watching over the group (Wands): Six (T. of Prague), Ace (Gaian), Child (Gaian)
Mental energy of the group (Swords): Five (T. of Prague), Six (Alchemical T.)
Right hand/arm energy: The Magician (Gaian), Strength (Ciro M. deck?)
Left hand/arm energy: The Devil (Shining Path)
Body (Cups): Two (T. of Prague), Ten (Alchemical), Speaker of Rivers (Shining Path), Six (deck?), Two (Herbal)
Legs (Pentacles): Five (T. of Prague), Four (Gaian), Ace (Herbal).

Linda, George, Kat, Sheilaa, Jacqueline, Paris, and Dale.

George shared that the constant background voices in our heads Oscar Ichazo calls chicharrero, the sound of a cricket chirping.
A member mentioned some equipment for deck trimming–available locally at Michael’s in Hadley or online through Martha Stewart, F. A. Friedman, Utrecht, Blick and other art supply places.
You can get clay next door to the two bookstores in Hadley (Graymatter & Troubador).
Recommended: “The Infinite Tarot” new book.
Suggested terminology “tarot consultant”
Shielaa will be attending BATS (their 21st!) and Tarosophy’s Dallas session (Marcus Katz).
Victorian Romantic has a female Devil card.
Kat recommended Rachel Pollack’s Tarot Wisdom, in particular the spread for each Major Arcana card.
“a different kind of alone” (who said that? it was great…)

Late edit: “the stability of the three legged…”


2 responses to “Mass Tarot Society Meeting – May 19 – “Readers Studio Sharing Session”

  1. Thanks for the notes, Paris! I think the “different kind of alone” may have been from me. I was thinking about being alone vs. seeking solitude based on the cards I drew during your introspective reading exercise.

  2. Yes, that’s a really good distinction, Kat. Loneliness can be terribly painful; solitude can be enriching.

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