Mass Tarot Society Meeting – 2/18/12 – Tarot Scrapbooking Plus

February 18 – “Tarot Scrapbooking/Journaling & More”

Attendees: Laura, Marcianna, Ada, Linda, Jill, George, Juniper, Paris, Karen, Kat, Marie.

Juniper Talbot is hosting “Tarot Talk” at InspiritCommon (219 Main, Northampton) on Wednesdays from 6-7.
Walk-ins welcome. Call InspiritCommon at 413-585-1169 for more information. Juniper is also offering a Tarot Class Series at Inspirit Common in April.

Attendees went through some ways to explore solitary tarot time: journaling, scrapbooking and mindmapping.
Right click and “Save As”:
Handout 1
Handout 2
Handout 3

Tai Chi is The Strength card (George)
Keep track of synchronicities
Keep using the same date book, and you can see what happened on the same day, year-after-year.
A website featuring daily blogs about journaling
What archetypes do the great birds represent? (who was this?)
Blank decks are available.
Rounded corner cutters are available.
Gentle alarm clocks/ “zen clocks” (various)
Crystal by the bed
No electrical appliances in the bedroom
Mugwort pillows and teas (Linda, various)
Carrier oils
Smudge sticks
A deck of decks
“Temple Grandon” (sp?) movie (Karen)
Cloth to “soften” the meeting space


One response to “Mass Tarot Society Meeting – 2/18/12 – Tarot Scrapbooking Plus

  1. I’m coming this Saturday, Jo. -paris-

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