Mass Tarot Society Meeting – 12/17/11 – The Wheel of the Year

December 17 – “The Wheel of the Year” by Carolyn Cushing of Art of Change Tarot

Attendees: Rianna, Jonna, Linda, Paris, Connie, Marcianna, Linda, Ada, Ray, Cindy,George, Laura, Devin, Kat, & Carolyn.

Announcements: Sunday is Epona Day, Saturday begins Saturnalia, the winter solstice is next week; our next meeting, in January, will be at the Lilly Library and will be presented by Marcianna. A member will present a workshop on scrap-booking in February; Carolyn will return from Montana to do a presentation on either self-discovery/self-exploration, tarot ethics, or reading styles in March; George will present on divination in April. Each meeting in 2012 will have a 15 minute session at the end of the feature presentation that will focus on card study; we’ll use Ruth and Wald Amberstone’s schedule for the 2012 year. The “The Time Capsule” activity, originally scheduled for this meeting, is postponed to January.

Suggestions: “Bright Idea” deck by Mark McElroy (Devin). Works by Carl Japikse (Marcianna).

Carolyn Cushing led participants through the creation of a Wheel of the Year Tarot Spread for Finding Focus, Guiding Reflection in 2012 (or any year!)

The drawing for a FREE custom Tarot painting by Tarot artist Linda Jones was won by George, by George!

Meet Carolyn
Carolyn Cushing is a passionate change maker and Tarot enthusiast who loves to work with people to make positive life transitions, grow spiritually, and develop creatively. E-mail her at carolyn [at] artofchangetarot [dot] com for more information.


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