Upcoming 2013 Massachusetts Tarot Society Meetings

June 15, 2013:  Barbara St. Jacques presents “Creating One’s own Calling Card Using Collage.”


9 responses to “Upcoming 2013 Massachusetts Tarot Society Meetings

  1. DR from Boston, MA

    Hmmm, I’ve looked around the site but I don’t see 1) how to join the Society and 2) the location & time of the meetings. Can anyone help?


    • Easy, DR, join by coming to a meeting! The meetings are currently held in Northampton, Massachusetts on the third Saturday of the month from 1 to 3 pm. The address is 115 Conz Street, and there is a map here: https://masstarot.wordpress.com/directions/

      Hope to see you there!

    • Hi Paris,

      A group of Tarot teachers/writers/artists are coming to Boston April 10-14 for the 2012 PCA/ACA where there will be a variety of presentations and panel discussions related to Tarot. Here is a link to Emily Auger’s website where she lists the events.

      I thought it would be great fun for some of us to gather with your group while in your fair city. Please let me know if there is interest and I’ll help to try to arrange this.

      In Spirit,
      Katrina Wynne

  2. DR from Boston, MA

    Aha–thank you. That sounds do-able. Much appreciated.

  3. I’d love to start attending (Ada here, which I feel I need to explain since wordpress like so many other sites won’t accept 3 letter names) but have Lili with me most of the time and your rules indicate most meetings have a minimum attendance age of 18. So I guess I’ll pop by to those where younger is allowed. And check stuff out via the net.

  4. Yes, it’s true, Ada. We are and 18-and-over group. The discussions are frank, honest, and cover every aspect of life–and some of the illustrated decks are quite explicit as well (check out the alternate Lovers card in Robert Place’s Alchemical Tarot Renewed deck for a good example of what we mean). And because of that, we feel more comfortable with the age restriction.

  5. Hi, I am interested in coming to a meeting, and see that they are now at Lilly Library and the next one is Feb18th. I just wanted to check that they are still held from 1 to 3? Also, I see its labeled as “tarot scrapbooking” would I need to bring any materials?


    • Jill, yes we’re holding to the February meeting plan but moving Marcianna’s cancelled January presentation to March. Attendees are welcomed—-but not obliged—to bring journals/notebooks/ etc.

      Attendees should own at least one deck and have a basic understanding of their cards.

      While this will not be a ‘scrapbook’ crafting session per se, there will be a stack of lovely National Geographic magazines on hand . If anyone is of a mind to scavenge for their own creative uses, Joellen suggests bringing scissors. And, folks should feel free to bring any additional materials if they wish.

  6. Hi, I called in November. Seems my email did not get to the mailing list. I would like to attend the meeting coming up this weekend. If that is okay, I need to know the time and location. Looking forward to it. Thanks

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