Mass Tarot Society Meeting – 11/19/11 – “Tarot Genealogy”

In this session we explored the relationship between our ancestors and where we are today.

The Night Circus

Synchronicity by F. David Peat (Paris)
The End of Materialism by Tart (Paris)
The Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Marcianna, Ada, Ray, Cindy, Shivani, Paris, Laura, George

MTS is moving in January
Carolyn is doing 3 classes at Groundings.
Juniper is doing a Wednesday evening series at Inspirit Common.
Teaching Tarot opening at Groundings. See Stephanie Thomas there.

Excerpts from the meeting:
“Everyone has an ancestor who was alive during the great events of history.”
“We carry the likes,dislikes, hopes & fears of our ancestors.”
“When you get older and are ready, your ancestors will show up to guide you.” Joe Coyhis from Meditations with Native American Elders. (from the class materials).

Shuffle with the “wrong” hand.


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