MTS Meeting – 6/18/2011 – Readers Studio 2011 Sharing Session

The Tarot School’s Readers Studio is:

  • a conference for Tarot practitioners;
  • a Tarot master class three times over;
  • an on-going reading with the most insightful readers;
  • a party where everyone loves Tarot; and
  • a river of Tarot wisdom that you get to drink from for three days!

Paris Finley and Carolyn Cushing went to Readers Studio 2011 in April and at this meeting, they shared a few of their favorite insights, tools, and techniques.  The focus was spreads:  exploring their value and purpose; looking at some different formats, and diving into some of the fabulous spreads picked up at Readers Studio.

If you want more info on what happened at this year’s Reader Studio, click here.  This is also where they will post info on the next one at some point in the fall.

Download Paris’s handout “Bridge Cards” based on Shari Lynn Smith’s presentation.


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