Readers Studio 2011

A huge thank you to everyone at RS 2011 for the warm welcome we received as members of the Massachusetts Tarot Society. And MTS members–take a bow–because our colleagues from across the country (and the world!) are very proud of us. This is an appropriate time to thank Carolyn.

Beth Owl’s Daughter takes a shot of Carolyn Cushing and Joanna Powell Colbert (The Gaian Tarot)

For some photos from RS 2011, try The Tarot Lady who blogged from RS and did a fine post-event write up. You’ll also find some familiar faces at Tarot by Paris in a short slideshow.

And remember, the June 18th, 2011, Massachusetts Tarot Society meeting will offer activities from the Readers Studio. (May’s meeting on the 21st will feature Exercises in Strengthening Intuition.)


2 responses to “Readers Studio 2011

  1. Hi Paris,

    It was great meeting your at RS2011 and to learn about your tarot society.. Having a meeting to offer activities from the readers studio is a great idea. Those who were unable to attend can learn from those who were there.

    Take care,

    Tony Louis (

  2. Likewise, Tony. Thanks. -p-

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