MTS Meeting – Introduction to Tarot – 1/15/11

This meeting featured Carolyn Cushing’s presentation: Introduction to Tarot: Tool for Lifelong Tarot Learning.

If you missed the meeting and you’re interested in getting a copy of the syllabus, activity descriptions, along with details and reference sheets, you can reach Carolyn through her blog at Art of Change Tarot.

Attending were Maureen, Tonya, Tara, Raven, Harley, Connie, Dale, George,  Marciana, Paris and, of course, Carolyn.

Elemental Hexagrams
Sun and Moon Tarot, Dale.
The NEW Alchemical Tarot, Carolyn.
Last week’s door prize, The Wonderland Tarot, given to Tara.
Announcement that MTS will be at the Whole Health Expo, Paris.
Announcement of possible fall workshop with Joanna Powell Colbert (details forthcoming).

Carolyn Cushing is a passionate change maker and Tarot enthusiast who loves to work with people to make positive life transitions, grow spiritually, and develop creatively. E-mail her at carolyn [at] artofchangetarot [dot] com for more information. Her website is at Art of Change Tarot


3 responses to “MTS Meeting – Introduction to Tarot – 1/15/11

  1. Does this meeting cost anything to attend?

    • No. We sometimes ask for a $2 donation, but we don’t at the “open to newcomers” meetings. Thanks for the question, though. I’m sure others were wondering.

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