MTS Meeting – Book & Deck Sale ‘n Swap – 12/18/10

If you’re feeling just a tiny bit sad that you missed this meeting, you aren’t feeling sad enough. You should TERRIBLE because it was an AWESOME meeting.

Petits-fours, fresh fruit, fruit drinks, cinnamon rolls, decks to ooh and ahh over and informal give and take that turned up some wonderful tidbits. “Such as?” you ask.

Such as:

Two good decks with multi-cultural and multi-ethnic illustrations: World Spirit Deck, Tarot Roots of Asia. Distant runner up: the Egyptian styled “Cleo” (Carolyn & Paris)
A place to download Tarot podcasts: (Carolyn)
Who’s definitely going to Reader’s Studio this year? Paris, Carolyn…
Who would we love to have visit our group? Rachel Pollack
Who’s working on a circular black and white deck? James Wells, Canadian. (Carolyn).
Who went to the Omega Institute? Carolyn and George, a decade apart.
Who’s the youngest attendee? Harley Quinn (she’s 2).
Who wore The Fool’s cap? (See above).
What book outlines the 7 levels of healing in Chinese medicine? The Book of the Yellow Emperor (George).
“As above, so below” as mind-body, a Chinese experiment (youtube video). (Paris)

Plus some books and decks changed hands…
3 Free decks were given out…and can you believe that we had such a good time that we forgot the door prize? I put Tara, Tanya, Raven, Carolyn, Shivani, Gargi, George and Harley into the hat and Tara won. She gets a marvelous little deck, the famous “Wonderland Tarot” (out-of-print) worth over $100 today.

I’ll bring it to the January 15th meeting.

The December meeting was

    open to all Tarot enthusiasts of any skill level

from “just bought my first deck” to practicing professionals, and so is the January meeting.

January 15th, 1-3 pm, Gazette building on 115 Conz Street in Northampton: “A plan for teaching yourself the Tarot” (that isn’t overwhelming and will keep you going). Carolyn presenting. OPEN TO EVERYONE, especially “just got a deck” and “curious”.


2 responses to “MTS Meeting – Book & Deck Sale ‘n Swap – 12/18/10

  1. I could be having a blonde moment, but I don’t see a time here… so what time is the meeting?
    Thanks 🙂

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