MTS Meeting “Astrology & Tarot” – 11/20/10

November 20 – Astrology and Tarot, Part II by Shivani

Shivani discussed aspects of the correspondences between Astrology and Tarot. There was a review of the court cards and their Astrological connections. The section on the numerology of the Minor Arcana made use of geometric forms and our reaction to them.

In attendance were Carolyn, Connie, George, Paris, Carol and Shivani.

Some notes:

King of Swords, Air, Aquarius; Queen of Swords, Air, Libra;
King of Wands, Fire, Leo; Queen of Wands, Air, Leo
King of Cups, Water, Scorpio; Queen of Cups, Water, Cancer
King of Pentacles, Earth, Taurus; Queen of Pentacles, Earth, Virgo

A member recommends the book, My Stroke of Insight
Head, Heart, Hands, Feet = Think, Feel, Touch, Do = Air, Water, Earth, Fire = Swords, Cups, Pentacles (Coins), Wands
Shivani suggests 35 as the age of Q & K
Sun: where the individual is going; the fatherly influence
Moon: where the individual feels save; the routine
Asc: the mask of the individual

Aries: “I am” independence
Taurus: “I have” “I perfect” comfortable
Gemini: “I think” “I communicate”
Cancer: “I feel” “I nurture”
Leo: “I want” regal royal
Virgo: “I discriminate” “I scrutinize”
Libra: “I balance”
Scorpio: “I wish” passion
Sagittarius: “I aim” “I see”
Capricorn: “I strive” “I work” “I use”
Aquarius: “I know” “I think”
Pisces: “I dream” “I believe”

inverted Kings and Queens — look for depression, repression
page inverted – “Knave”
Pages: youngsters, babies, students, irresponsibility, immaturity

“the helix of the number progression”
1 the thought; the idea
2 the feeling; the inclination
3 the plan; the beginning of action
4 the action
5 the impediments; the activity (internal activity)
6 the progress (external activity)
7 the proof of oneself (“take it to a new level” – Carolyn)
8 the continuance “keep it going” “own it” “take responsibility”
9 the finish; finishing; ending; transition; reinvestment
10 the end; start over
A member recommends the movie Hope Floats
“All at 6’s and 7’s” = disorganized, confused (One explanation here at bottom of page:
Paris notes “dressed to the 9’s”

Pluto “the unfathomable”
–The Fool, take a risk
–The Tower, the change happens to you (“Karma’s way of saying you didn’t pay attention”–Connie)

“voodoo doll” “portable guillotine”


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