Massachusetts Tarot Society Meeting: October 16, 2010

Massachusetts Tarot Society Meeting: October 16, 2010

We used the Rider-Waite-Smith deck (artwork by Pamela Coleman Smith) and played a laughter-filled game of Tarot VIII StrengthTrivia. The questions were designed to force us to think about what is found in the images themselves, often in ways that we might not consider without guidance. “What are in his hands? Which way is he facing?” Also covered in the session, following the suggested activity in the ATA (American Tarot Association) quarterly publication, we learned how to use a spread that is based on the traditional interpretation of the meanings of the parts of the hand.

An “Astrology Night” to be launched soon by Shivani Baker.
The Book & Deck Sale & Swap is ON FOR the DECEMBER 18th meeting.
Bookends in Florence has used decks. Ask Gray at the register.
Winners of a free deck for bring a new participant: George & Shivani
(this membership program is ON for the December 18th meeting).
Groundings, a new shop, has Tarot decks.
Both the DECEMBER and the JANUARY meetings will be open to all, beginner and experienced alike.
Tarot Playgroups at AwenTree, October 26 (Carolyn).
And free deck to the first person to post a comment to this post.

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One response to “Massachusetts Tarot Society Meeting: October 16, 2010

  1. Memorable:
    –7 of swords – the ahem “razorblade” card
    –“a voodoo moment”
    –Erin & Bren drawing the same cards for the same situation
    –not getting credit for one pentacle on the bench, gee what’s up with that?

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