MTS Meeting – Marker and Recurring Cards – Sept 18, 2010

Marker and Recurring Cards

At our September meeting, showed us how to calculate various personal ‘marker’ cards such as: personality, soul, current year and zodiac cards using directions from a text by Mary Greer.

Knowing your marker cards can add some different perspectives for your tarot time. String marker cards together to make your own tarot constellations, consider their influence in readings, and study them as personal guides.

[There are a few more astrology marker cards which are simple to identify. If you’d like to do this, you will need to know your ascendant or rising sign, and your moon sign. If you don’t have this info, but would like to be able to identify these additional marker cards, email me with the following: 1-birthdate, 2-birth location (city, state and country), 3-the specific birth time of day. I’ll punch it into a program and bring your info to you at the meeting.]

In addition to ‘marker’ cards, we examined recurring cards. You know, those cards which sometimes show up repeatedly over a period of time.

Discussion included “solo tarot” ideas and “distance tarot” versus face-to-face.


One response to “MTS Meeting – Marker and Recurring Cards – Sept 18, 2010

  1. OK, OK. Births, deaths – Wheel of Change. Old generation, new generation. I got it, I got it. You can stop with the examples now. (Grin!)
    Amazing series of cards, gang.

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