“When do you know that you’ve shuffled enough?”

From one of our organization’s activities together at the August 2010 MTS meeting, we came up with these answers to the question, “When do you know that you’ve shuffled enough?”

When I feel stillness.
When I have counted to the number I picked.
When I see a blank.
When the deck feels soft.
When it smells right.
When the deck feels smooth.
When I feel surrender.
When my patience wears out.
When I feel centered.
When the cards obey.
When I just feel it.
When they look tidy.

Visitors to this site are invited to post their own answers to this question as comments. We moderate comments, so they will not appear immediately, but we do get around to them all.

3 responses to ““When do you know that you’ve shuffled enough?”

  1. Feeling stillness, the deck feels soft, smells smooth, and I surrender to the center.
    My fingers feel obedience beneath them, pulsing, and I settle for impatient tidiness.

  2. When you get to a point where you’d never even consider asking this question, then you’ve mastered shuffling the cards just the right number of times đŸ˜‰

    If you can know it without fear, then it’s “gospel” (unquestionable truth). Life, and the Tarot, is so much simpler when we get to this point.


  3. i like the idea of a tarot related question posed to the group as part of the meeting. I have one planned for our upcoming meeting in september. it’s a nice little warm up and its always interesting to hear how others approach an idea.

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