June 5 – Meeting cancelled

This meeting was canceled. Details about upcoming events coming soon.

MTS Member Brenda will be facilitating our June meeting using the tarot deck as a garden of earthly delights. We will be exploring the Major Arcana cards as they relate to herbs and their symbolic correspondences.

We will each work with three cards: 1.) The Major Arcana card assigned to your astrological sign; 2.) Any Major card for which you feel a special affinity; and 3.) If you were part of our Study Group from Mary Greer’s 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card, the card you worked with (if you weren’t part of the study group, pick a Major card that you know well). If possible, have your cards selected and ready. If you have a Rider Waite style deck, kindly bring that to use for this session.

Pre-registration required.

To register or ask questions, contact Carolyn via e-mail [carolyn (at) artofchangetarot (dot) com] or phone [413-529-9759]

2 responses to “June 5 – Meeting cancelled

  1. Correspondences vary according to sources, but here’s one list:

    Fool Uranus
    Magician Mercury
    Priestess Moon
    Empress Venus
    Emperor Aries
    Hierophant Taurus
    Lovers Gemini
    Chariot Cancer
    Strength Leo
    Hermit Virgo
    Wheel Jupiter
    Justice Libra
    Hanged Man Neptune
    Death Scorpio
    Temperance Sagittarius
    Devil Capricorn
    Tower Mars
    Star Aquarius
    Moon Pisces
    Sun Sun
    Judgment Pluto
    World Saturn

  2. Drats, I can not come!

    I’ll be participating in the Spring Open Studios at 1 Cottage St in Easthampton once again creating a tarot Gallery and doing free one card readings. (Feel free to drop by! It’s on both Saturday and Sunday. Let me know if you want more details.)

    I wanted to share my tales from Readers Studio, but since I can’t be there, here are some ways to get a taste:

    James Wells has great write ups on the sessions and you can see the first one here: http://jameswells.wordpress.com/2010/04/28/2010-readers-studio-report-part-one/

    Donnaleigh had all the presenters from Readers Studio on her show before and after and you can find all the podcasts at http://www.tarottribe.com

    I am going to lead the Tarot Playgroup at Awen Tree in Easthampton next Tuesday, the 25th, at 7pm. Here’s my write up: I will share stories from April’s Readers Studio, the Tarot conference that brings over 200 Tarot-loving people from around the world to learn from Tarot innovators, which this year included Dr. Elinor Greenberg, Robert Place, and Mary Greer. Tonight we’ll focus on Elinor’s work to integrate therapeutic psychology techniques into Tarot. Carolyn will pass on her ideas about how to work with difficult cards and we’ll do Elinor’s “Burdens into Blessings” spread. Pre-registration by calling Awen Tree at 527-3331 is nice, but not required and there is a $10 fee.

    I am thinking about finding a night in June to lead the Tarot Intelligence Circle process that Mary Greer led us through. I have a thought on how to add a final, quick meditation piece. Are you interested in this? What about June 9th or 10th?

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