Tarot Games – a proposal

I stumbled across an interesting, little book called Tarot Games by Cait Johnson and Maura D. Shaw. I was inspired to come up with a couple of variations of my own. I thought I’d post some samples and see what you think–whether we’d find the games valuable (when it’s my turn to facilitate a session). If you like these samples, I’ll post them all in a poll and we can vote on which ones we’ll do. Feel free to offer tweaks to the games where you think they’re needed. I have ten in all. I’ve posted four here:

Game 1 – With eyes closed, one of the circle draws a card from her own deck at random and places it in front of her. Each other person says one word to describe the card (without naming it, of course). The person with eyes closed may guess what card it is after each person has given a keyword. The second time around the group, people may use phrases. The third time around, people may state what they see in the card. Best if played quickly (more intuitive).

Game 2 – Domino Tarot – Each player deals herself 4 cards from her deck. Play starts to the left of the dealer and runs clockwise. Each player tries to play a card alongside any of the four sides of the card previously played. The person playing the card MUST state what commonality the cards have. (Advanced version: may NOT use numbers or suits!)

Game 3 – Time Capsule – Each player draws a card at random (or selects–if the group wishes) and then writes down in a few words why that card deserves to be in a time capsule to be opened in 1 year. The writing, unshared, is placed in an envelope and not reviewed until the group’s meeting the following year.

Game 4 – Tune Up. Going around the circle, each person draws a card from her deck until the group has drawn one card of each suit. Any cards drawn BEFORE the four suits are completed are set aside in a special pile. Once the four are drawn, the cards in the pile are examined as hints as to why the group was “out of tune”. Being in perfect tune is drawing the four suits in four draws. (Since we’re already sitting in astrological sign order, this one should be a snap for us.)

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