Apr 3 – Tarot & Astrology w/ Shivani Baker

We welcome all Tarot enthusiasts to a session on Tarot and Astrology with Shivani BakerShivani will discuss how Astrology and Tarot blend together well. The planets and signs rule many of the Major and Minor Arcana. Astrology gives us more insight to the meanings of cards and can deepen our understanding. Shivani will also briefly explain numerology to help with understanding cycles of growth. For more information or to RSVP contact carolyn (at) artofchangetarot (dot) com .


2 responses to “Apr 3 – Tarot & Astrology w/ Shivani Baker

  1. Memorable:

    “Of course the missing element will cause seeking of that element elsewhere.”
    “I just KNOW.”
    “The Charisma Card.”
    The King of Swords is Mr. Spock.
    Pentacles rulers “think of things as an extension of the self.”

    Match game: [Match the quote with the card]
    Queen of Cups
    Queen of Swords
    Queen of Pentacles
    Queen of Wands
    ……………………………when asked, “What is TRUTH?”

    “It’s whatever you think it is, dear.”
    “I just know.”
    “It’s what you can touch.”
    “It’s whatever we do.”

  2. The chances of that are 720 to 1.

    “If there are independent events, the probability of their happening is equal to the product of the probabilities of each event.” Because the first two people out of seven are automatically “in order”, we need only look at the arrival of the next five. The odds of the third person sitting in proper sequence clockwise are 2 to 1 because there’s a right place for her to sit and a wrong place. Then next person is 3 to 1. And so on up to 6 to 1 odds for the last person sitting in order. So the PRODUCT of 6 to 1 times 5 to 1 times 4 to 1 times 3 to 1 times 2 to 1 is your answer.

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